Top Five Tips to Get the Most out of Aspen eLearning

Top Five Tips to Get the Most out of Aspen eLearning

Take Advantage of “Just in Time” Knowledge Delivery

October 18, 2018

Aspen eLearning is available now, with bite-sized topics that you can take on at your own pace — anytime and anywhere. Each module is designed to guide you quickly through the particular problem you are trying to solve, in real time.


To get the most out of the classes, here are five tips I think will really help you!


  1. Dedicate at least 30 minutes at a time to take a class 
    Interruptions and multitasking take away valuable attention from the training course content. Dedicating time specifically to taking a class can pay huge dividends when you need to use the skills you are trying to learn. Turn your cell phone ringer off, move to a quiet conference room, and block the time on your calendar to fully dedicate your attention to the course.

    Modules are designed to take 30 minutes or less, which is perfect for those small chunks of time between meetings which might otherwise be unproductive. And, since the modules are designed to be short, you don’t need to block hours of your schedule — just find 30 minutes to dedicate your undivided attention.

  2. Pick a topic that is directly related to your work.
    Making sure that you are choosing a relevant course will help you keep your attention on real problems that you face every day. When you apply what you’ve learned right away, the knowledge is more likely to stay with you after the course is completed. You will also be more motivated to complete the class! 

    Finding a relevant course in the Aspen eLearning class list is easy. Just search according to the relevant AspenTech product to see a list of courses, and then read the titles and descriptions to see what is taught in each course. The Aspen eLearning Center has courses for Manufacturing and Supply Chain products, as well as Engineering solutions.

  3. Assess your understanding of the topic with quizzes.
    Completing the quizzes solidifies your knowledge and locks it in for future recall. It also helps identify areas where you may have not completely understood the concept during the class. If that happens, go back to your notes or the video and review the steps. Update your notes if needed, and continue working through the exercises.  

  4. Practice with exercises.
    One great thing about completing the exercises is that it allows you to practice the concept “risk-free” and with a more straightforward example than your actual business problem. The exercises are designed to be challenging but not impossible, and they’re based on the information taught in the course, so you can prove your understanding of your new skill.

  5. Apply what you learned to a real project as soon as possible. 
    Just like completing the example, applying your new knowledge right away solidifies the skills you learned in the module. This experience may highlight some areas of confusion or questions, and with the course fresh in your mind, you can more easily go back to find the answers in your notes or the videos. Applying the knowledge right away also gives an immediate return on the investment of your time in the class!  

    Because you’ve followed the tip to pick an applicable topic, you should have a good project to practice on right away. 


Aspen eLearning is a great way to learn new skills and best practices, as well as how to use new features in AspenTech software. Following these five tips will help you get the most out of the time you spend taking these courses and make sure you have the skills necessary to gain confidence and competence in each topic! 

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