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Chinese Customers Earn the First Aspen Associate User Certifications

February 19, 2019

AspenTech users working for a major Chinese oil and gas customer successfully completed the first two-day pre-certification training on Aspen HYSYS® software. Held in Beijing 15-16 January 2019, this training program, pictured at right, prepared 69 participants for a certification examination on 17 January.  

Aspen User Certification provides AspenTech’s customers with a standardized approach to measure the professional competency of participants. This certification program includes standardized, industry-focused examination best practices that allow customers to develop structured learning goals for their employees. Designed by AspenTech experts, companies can use the certification program as a tool to help select employees who have met the necessary learning requirements advance their competency with AspenTech software and set career development goals.  

The Aspen User Certification process is divided into three levels: Aspen Associate User (AAU); Aspen Expert User (AEU) and Aspen Master User (AMU). Currently, AAU certification programs are available in China for Aspen HYSYS, Aspen Plus®, Aspen PIMS™ and Aspen Capital Cost Estimator™. The AEU and AMU programs for various products are slated to launch over the next 12-18 months. 

AspenTech has more than 200 employees in China; the Shanghai research and development (R&D) team is one of the three R&D centers globally. According to a recent ARC View report titled “AspenTech OPTIMIZE China 2018 event highlights benefits of digital transformation,” AspenTech brings best practices and domain knowledge to China’s commodity chemical industry and other process industries, in addition to its proven commitment to developing and delivering advanced technology laser-focused on driving higher levels of operational excellence. The certified training process allows AspenTech to better solidify the company’s value proposition for new and existing Chinese customers, reflecting a commitment to helping clients get the most value out of their investments.

To learn more about how AspenTech is facilitating digital transformation on China, read the ARC View report


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