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AspenTech at ISPE 2021: Agility, Collaboration and Innovation

October 20, 2021

The International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) is a revered, global organization focused on the advancement of scientific and technical best practices, as well as regulatory insights across the pharmaceutical lifecycle. AspenTech is proud to be exhibiting at the ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo being held in Boston, MA October 31 through November 4.

This year’s ISPE themes will resonate with any of you who know the pharma industry, especially in the current climate: 


  • Agility: to adapt and build a resilient response to challenges in supply and demand – a concept that AspenTech refers to as the pharma value chain network in our recent Executive Brief Optimizing Outcomes Across the Pharma Value Chain Network
  • Collaboration with partners and regulatory agencies in order to multiply gains in performance and achieve operational excellence
  • Innovation: the willingness to develop new territories to overcome the bottlenecks that have plagued the industry for years and were exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic


It is clear that the status quo doesn’t serve us anymore, and it is reassuring that organizations like ISPE are pushing the Pharma industry to harness the power of new technologies to improve outcomes, which is in sync with the FDA’s Advanced Manufacturing Initiative. Digitalization is undoubtedly how we will move the needle towards greater agility in pharmaceutical manufacturing, and to foster open collaboration that will relieve the pain points. These endeavors will, in turn, fuel the innovations to come. Digitalization builds efficiencies, it reduces waste (materials, time, energy), allows experts to focus on the end goal – bringing medicines to the people and animals that need them – and to spend less time manually reviewing and reconciling arrays of reports, spreadsheets and schedules in order to derive meaning. Digitalization puts the emphasis where it needs to be – on quality – of both process and product.


Digitalization puts the emphasis where it needs to be - on quality – of both process and product.


The themes of agility, collaboration and innovation are by no means mutually exclusive, and they apply across common industry initiatives (value chain optimization, cost take-out and operational excellence, sustainability), they span lines of business (solid dosage, biologics, new modalities, generics, vaccines), and collectively, they enable faster time to market, security of supply, quality assurance, efficiency gains and outcomes-driven decision-making. 

A number of digital accelerators come into play as a company assesses its digital maturity, builds out its digitalization strategy, gets pilot studies off the ground, and strives for continuous improvement. It can seem daunting, but AspenTech brings 40 years of domain expertise in Industrial AI to help you build and execute your plan.



Click here to learn more about what we’ll be up to at ISPE and to meet AspenTech Experts at Booth #925 or virtually, through the ISPE meeting scheduler.

AspenTech is also the exclusive sponsor of the Welcome Reception Monday, Nov 1st.


Stop by and say hello, schedule a meeting and be entered to win an Apple Watch! We’re looking forward to hearing where you are in your digital transformation journey. 




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