Achieve Greater Insight with Models On-Demand or Online.

Gain access to the knowledge hidden within simulation models and increase your confidence in making plant operational decisions.
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Use Models to Support Plant Operations

Many top energy and chemical companies have implemented a model-based culture.  Aspen OnLine and Aspen Simulation Workbook (ASW) use models offline or online to support plant operations for increased production efficiency and better process insight.

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Supply Side Energy Management

Increasing pressure on the bottom line means that reducing energy is a point of focus. Create an integrated energy optimization and management system, improve site energy decision-making and optimize process utilities.

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Utilize Operator Training Tools

With staff turnover, there is always a need to train new operators. Take advantage of OTS Framework, Aspen HYSYS Dynamics and Aspen Plus Dynamics to make the transition easier.

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Make Confident Decisions with these 7 Secrets

Our featured white paper, 7 Secrets to a Well-Run Plant, focuses on how conceptual design models help plant managers make better decisions. Download today and discover how your company can build a model-based culture to improve plant operations and performance.