CMMS Software

If you work in an industry where physical infrastructure is crucial to day-to-day operations, you understand the importance of equipment maintenance and equipment lifecycle. Staying on top of routine maintenance ensures that your equipment stays up and running — any lapse in this could be detrimental to your company’s productivity and performance.

Fortunately, computerized maintenance management software (also known as a computerized maintenance management system, or CMMS software) serves as a modern-day solution to help enterprises that depend on physical assets stay organized. Designed to simplify maintenance management and procedures, CMMS software is a powerful tool that improves efficiency in two ways. First, it consolidates various components of maintenance operations into one central database. Instead of searching high and low for countless pieces of information on numerous assets, CMMS software centralizes vital information for quick and easy access. Second, CMMS automates a variety of routine tasks so that teams can save valuable time and resources. These two key components of CMMS software help streamline maintenance operations so that enterprises can improve their operating efficiency and ultimately their bottom line.


Streamlined, efficient processes

For companies that aim for smart manufacturing, CMMS software is a must. Not only does maintenance management software keep information about any assets or equipment all in one place, but it also helps maintenance managers stay ahead of the curve by automating day-to-day tasks that may otherwise require precious time and attention. Staying organized is often easier said than done, especially with so many pieces of equipment and machinery to maintain at any given time. Having an automated and centralized system such as maintenance management software, eliminates unnecessary guesswork so that enterprises can focus on what matters most: delivering results and driving revenue.


What CMMS software can do

CMMS software gives maintenance management teams the ability to access all essential information about equipment and assets in one convenient location. This includes equipment purchase and maintenance history, location, and important supporting documentation such as repair manuals and warranties.

But that’s not all there is to it. CMMS software also helps enhance work order management by automatically generating work orders, centralizing relevant work order information, scheduling crews and employees, recording downtime, and tracking expenses. By automating and centralizing routine work order tasks, CMMS helps ensure a smooth maintenance management experience so that your business can keep operating as seamlessly as possible.

CMMS also includes predictive maintenance tools to help teams take preventative measures to ensure equipment stays up and running. By staying on top of routine maintenance, enterprises can maximize uptime and equipment lifecycle. Businesses can also use CMMS software to automate customary tasks such as ordering parts and scheduling work orders to boost efficiency. As a bonus, CMMS software also offers reporting capabilities so that enterprises can keep track of expenses and asset usage. This helps businesses gain a better understanding of just how much money and time they are devoting to specific areas of operations.

In summary, CMMS software is an excellent asset management solution for any enterprise that aims to work smarter, not harder. Long gone are the days of using paper to track equipment maintenance, which can easily get lost in piles of paperwork or the depths of filing cabinets. By digitizing and centralizing information that’s vital to your operations, CMMS helps optimize your facility’s maintenance tasks and processes so that you can stay focused on performance.


Making CMMS software work for your enterprise

Every organization has its own unique needs, and CMMS software can help meet yours. By automating routine maintenance processes and consolidating equipment maintenance information, CMMS can help optimize your operations for success. Whether you’re a power plant that provides electricity to your community or a rail company that transports tons of vital materials daily, CMMS software can help meet your business’s goals by improving uptime and efficiency. Contact us today to learn more about our CMMS offerings.



What is CMMS software?
CMMS, which stands for “computerized maintenance management system,” is a type of process optimization software that helps facilitate asset lifecycle management and maintenance operations. CMMS software stores information that is essential to equipment maintenance, including equipment location and position, serial numbers, repair manuals, warranty information, and equipment status. CMMS software also centralizes work order information and automates routine tasks, including generating work orders, scheduling preventative maintenance, and creating inventory and performance reports. By centralizing important equipment information and automating maintenance-related tasks, CMMS software helps companies that rely on physical infrastructure run as proficiently as possible.

Who uses CMMS?
CMMS software is used across a variety of industries, including oil and gas, construction, transportation, power generation, and any other industry whose operations rely on physical capital.