Products & Software Development

In these groups you will work with the best minds to create software that tackles the most complex Process Industry challenges, creating value and improving profitability for our customers.

You will help optimize the operations of the world’s Oil & Gas, Chemical, Engineering & Construction and Pharmaceutical companies that drive our economies and touch our lives every day. This is a place where people are fiercely passionate about technology, a balanced life style and a desire to make a difference in the process industries.

Products & Software DevelopmentWhat’s your talent?
Bullet Icon  Product ManagementIn AspenTech’s Product Management group you will be part of a team whose charter centers on the concepts of Insight and Evangelism. Our market insights help drive product roadmap decisions and contribute to overall company strategy, and we evangelize AspenTech’s product vision internally and externally.

We take a market-driven approach to product management, with analysis that is focused on discovery and then validation. We know that ideas for innovation come from many sources, and our method is to listen for problems rather than focusing on feature lists.

Our priorities are to ensure quality and completeness, and to develop solutions based on customer and market challenges. We look for talented product management professionals who will help us manage the company’s product and project portfolio to optimize customer satisfaction and AspenTech growth.

Bullet Icon  Quality AssuranceThe Quality Organization is responsible for ensuring the world’s leading process optimization products meet our customers’ needs based on accuracy, reliability and ease of use.

We do this by working collaboratively across the company to drive efficiency and repeatability in our development process, while adhering to quality guidelines that ensure our products are the best in the world.

The Quality Team is involved with every product, from initial concept through product delivery and customer field use; ensuring AspenTech products are the best in the world and continue to enable our customers to drive profitability with our solutions.

Bullet Icon  Research & DevelopmentAspenTech Research & Development is 300–person team of industry-leading experts in the field of process modeling, control, planning and optimization. We continuously strive to keep current with new and developing technologies as they appear in industry and academia, and apply them to our product portfolio.

On this team you will have the opportunity to turn creative ideas into innovative software products that will be used by hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.

You will collaborate with customers to help them bring more value to their companies through the application of our products.

Bullet Icon  DevOps & SREAre you passionate about agile development, collaboration, and teamwork? Our team is responsible for development, operations, site reliability engineering, and platform security for our commercial SaaS and VPC solutions.

We operate a cloud native, microservices environment leveraging the latest tools in CI/CD, container orchestration, automation, infrastructure as code, and monitoring technologies.

We are continuing to drive innovation and leverage technology for automation, scalability, multi-cloud, and hybrid services in support of our customers globally.