Bidding & Cost Estimation

Minimize bidding and estimating risk.

Minimize estimating risk and develop bids faster through improved consistency and accuracy with an integrated model-based estimating system.

Remove Risk Earlier with a Seamless Risk Analysis Engine

Determine risk factors earlier in a project and eliminate them with a built-in Monte Carlo risk analysis engine allowing visualization, correlation, ranking and quantification of cost risks.

Agility With Reuse and Models That Scale

Volumetric modeling is at the heart of the model-based system, allowing changes in size and scope to cascade automatically, eliminating the need to refactor estimates. Reuse and scale designs with design modules that leverage the economic and time benefits of modular facility construction.

Templates and Reporting for Transparency

Have or give complete estimate visibility through shared templates and reporting. Reduce project CAPEX through aligned knowledge and visibility of the components of the estimate that drive costs.
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Bidding & Cost Estimation - Application Overview

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Fast Track Sustainability Projects with Model-Based Cost Estimation

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