Latest Release of aspenONE® Software Accelerates Productivity, Expands Collaboration, and Enables More Profitable Decisions

February 25, 2013

Updates Include New Aspen IMOS™, Assay Import for Aspen PIMS™, Aspen Deployment Assistant, and New Aspen HYSYS® Teaching Modules
Burlington, MA -

Aspen Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: AZPN), a leading provider of software and services to the process industries, announced the latest enhancements to the aspenONE process optimization software suite.  The V8.1 release features the new Aspen IMOS (Aspen Inventory Management and Operations Scheduling), significant enhancements for assay management within Aspen PIMS, the first ever Aspen Deployment Assistant, and new Aspen HYSYS Teaching Modules.

The new aspenONE functionality will help customers become proficient faster, collaborate better using shared data, and enable more profitable decisions through expanded access to critical information.  Highlights of the new products and innovations in the V8.1 release include:

The new Aspen IMOS is a web-based software solution that enables companies to optimize petroleum supply chain operations and react quickly to changing market conditions.  Through Aspen IMOS, schedulers gain full visibility on inventory positions, current and future inventory movements, market demand, and contract status, all through a single platform.  Aspen IMOS’ shared data environment replaces spreadsheets and brings schedulers a new level of collaboration and real-time information to enable the most profitable decisions.

The new Aspen PIMS simplifies planners’ access to industry assay data.  Refinery planners can now easily import industry-standard crude assays directly into Aspen PIMS, where it is stored and available for easy access anytime.  Using this external assay data via the new Aspen PIMS assay management import function, planners can easily analyze new crudes using the widest variety of assay data available  – and make better crude buying decisions.

Aspen Deployment Assistant accelerates deployment and enables a seamless upgrade path to the latest aspenONE software.  In this release, the Aspen Version Comparison Assistant feature allows engineers to avoid the arduous process of manually validating model results.  This feature auto-generates a clear version-to-version comparison of modeling results to save engineering time.

The Aspen HYSYS Teaching Modules provide curriculum material for universities who are developing the next generation of process engineers.  Designed in conjunction with top chemical engineering professors and presenting real-world engineering challenges, the Teaching Modules are an essential tool to prepare new process engineers to enter the oil and gas and petroleum refining industry.

The V8.1 release of aspenONE software is available immediately.

Supporting Quote
Manolis Kotzabasakis, Executive Vice President, Products, AspenTech
“Our customers count on aspenONE products to continually help them optimize their operations in new ways.  The latest release of aspenONE delivers new functionality to facilitate collaboration, allowing teams to become productive faster, and enabling them to work more efficiently.  With this latest release of aspenONE software, we are helping companies to optimize team productivity – and gain a competitive edge.”

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