The Needle is Moving: Digital Transformation in Pharma Manufacturing 

No longer just a catch phrase, digital transformation in pharma manufacturing is more critical today than ever before — and the industry is getting on board. A recent study conducted by Axendia revealed that almost half of industry professionals surveyed are working for organizations that are actively undergoing digital transformation — a significant increase over the last two years. And the most cited reason to act? The need to make more data-driven, intelligent decisions. 

Join Sandra K. Rodriguez, Sr. Industry Analyst at Axendia as she reviews key takeaways from the report and addresses industry trends in digitalization. Topics will include:  

  • Top objectives for digital transformation 
  • Ideal capabilities for a digital manufacturing solution  
  • Types of advanced manufacturing initiatives currently underway  
  • Strategies organizations are considering to de-risk supply chains  

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how your peers are responding to ongoing disruption and continued market volatility.

The Needle is Moving: Digital Transformation in Pharma Manufacturing 

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The Needle is Moving: Digital Transformation in Pharma Manufacturing 

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