Navigating the Energy Transition Through a New “Decision Framework”

Do you have the right strategy and tools to navigate the energy transition? As the industry continues to adjust to dramatic change, companies need smarter approaches to the hydrogen economy, renewable energy sources and other key initiatives. A breakthrough innovation can now help you explore the options that make most sense for your business—quickly and thoroughly.

In this on-demand webinar Dr. Emre Gençer, research scientist at the MIT Energy Initiative, presents an update on the Sustainable Energy System Analysis Modelling Environment (SESAME), a “decision framework” for the energy transition. Learn how this system-scale analysis tool, integrated with Aspen Plus® process simulation, enables you to view the impact of process design choices. Discover how you can:

  • Make the best strategic decisions at the enterprise, value chain and asset levels
  • Leverage existing modeling investments and assets to make more informed choices
  • Improve future carbon mitigation through accurate and predictive modeling

In addition to sharing the benefits of this modeling approach, he demonstrated the results of recent case studies investigating electric power system and hydrogen production.

Navigating the Energy Transition Through a New “Decision Framework”

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Navigating the Energy Transition Through a New “Decision Framework”

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