The Untold Benefits of a Digital Maintenance Strategy for Pharma

February 23, 2022, 10:00 AM EST | 4:00 PM CET

Increasingly, the conventional ways of maintaining pharma equipment call for a digital alternative. Non-wear-based failures such as operating excursion and changes in operation plans make up to 80% of equipment failures. By embracing Pharma 4.0—including today’s predictive and prescriptive maintenance technologies—you can mitigate unplanned downtime, improving production and accelerating your critical time-to-market goals.


Join industry expert John Campbell, PhD, Senior Director, Product Management at Aspen Technology, as he discusses how new digital, AI-powered solutions help you:

  • Monitor equipment and address potential failures—often weeks in advance
  • Reduce maintenance costs and emissions while increasing overall safety
  • Augment maintenance programs and production to meet supply chain demands


You’ll learn how other pharma manufacturers are seeing measurable results with this digital maintenance strategy. Register today!