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Helping Customers Innovate to Meet Sustainability Goals and Drive Operational Excellence

aspenONE V12.2 Product Innovations to Accelerate the Digitalization Journey

November 16, 2021

I’m excited to share with you details of today’s aspenONE® V12.2 release, which includes new sustainability sample models and new product capabilities that enable our customers to accelerate their digitalization efforts in support of sustainability initiatives, regardless of where they are in this process. V12.2 builds on the extensive Industrial AI capabilities offered in V12 and V12.1, which started in September 2020, when we embarked on a journey to realize our vision for the Self- Optimizing Plant. At that time, we introduced a number of new award-winning capabilities and products:


  • Aspen Unified™, our next generation Production Optimization solution, bringing disparate processes together to optimize planning, scheduling and operations
  • Aspen Hybrid Models™ within Aspen HYSYS® and Aspen Plus® enabling customers to build better models faster than conventional methods by bringing AI directly into our simulators


V12.2 continues to expand and evolve these capabilities, accelerating our customers’ digitalization journey to advance the innovation necessary to meet their sustainability goals and drive operational excellence.


V12.2 Features New Sustainability Sample Models…

With new sustainability sample models, now more than 50 models available, customers can identify how to reduce emissions across the entire organization; reduce energy and water usage; optimize feedstock selection; transition to new energy sources like biofuels and hydrogen; and enable the circular economy through processes such as plastics recycling and waste-to-chemicals. 


…And New Digitalization-Enabling Capabilities for Chemicals and Pharma Customers 

This release helps chemicals and pharmaceutical companies take the next critical step in their digitalization journey by providing the innovations necessary to meet sustainability goals while improving overall productivity and time to value. Key capabilities include:


  • Streamline the creation of models to meet sustainability goals
  • Fast-track innovation in materials recycling and energy transition
  • Project, track and optimize emissions
  • Provide intuitive useability to better support decisions and user actions
  • Achieve faster time to value with improved accessibility
  • Drive stronger decision support through collaboration across the value chain


In addition, new capabilities in Production and Value Chain Optimization improve productivity and drive faster time to value by empowering teams to:


  • Implement closed-loop optimization and optimize energy efficiency for an entire olefins site with Aspen GDOT™
  • Automate collaboration and workflows in the Sales & Operations Planning/Integrated Business Planning process, improving productivity for semi-continuous and batch producers with Aspen
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM) Insights™
  • Digitalize procedures and batch records, enabling efficient, accurate order execution with an intuitive mobile touchscreen using Aspen Production Execution Manager™
  • Boost yield and throughput, reduce the number of failed batches and drive real-time release testing for pharmaceutical manufacturers with Aspen ProMV™, Aspen Unscrambler™ and Aspen Process Pulse™


With aspenONE V12.2, AspenTech customers can accelerate digitalization with an enhanced user experience and new innovations that help your teams achieve safer, more sustainable and productive operations.  


Learn more about our V12.2 innovations here






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