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A New Generation of Industrial Solutions Charts the Course to the Self-Optimizing Plant

October 06, 2020

It’s an exciting time for the process industries, as advances in technology are enabling forward-thinking companies to streamline their production processes, optimize for safety and sustainability goals and achieve new levels of profitability — even in today’s extremely challenging market conditions. 

This is the promise of artificial intelligence, and specifically Industrial AI, which combines the first principles of engineering with AI capabilities and domain expertise into purpose-built software solutions. Today’s launch of our aspenONE® V12 solutions make that promise a reality, setting the stage for companies to embed AI throughout their operations and begin the journey to the Self-Optimizing Plant. 

This evolution in technology will help our customers drive tighter collaboration across functions, enabling them to optimize their assets to achieve multiple objectives simultaneously and empower their workers to make informed and strategic decisions. Essentially, we are embedding AI into our solutions so that companies don’t have to. We’re making it easier than ever to harness the full power of AI in solutions that are purpose-built to deliver business outcomes for the process industries.

With Industrial AI, we’re democratizing the application of AI, leveraging the cloud for scalability at the enterprise level. All of this enables companies to:


  • Solve complex problems more easily 
  • Accelerate and increase value creation with higher-quality data, greater accuracy and improved access to enterprise data
  • Take advantage of intuitive guidance to better support their workers
  • Automate and simplify the creation and sustaining of models
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership


The launch of our full aspenONE V12 solutions builds on last month’s release of Aspen Unified™, our next-generation production optimization solution for refineries. Importantly, this next phase of the launch covers the full asset lifecycle, adding Performance Engineering and Asset Performance Management solutions to those production optimization capabilities.


In Performance Engineering, we’re rolling out a number of new features that will enable companies to solve their most complex problems and optimize across many scenarios, using enterprise data, AI and the cloud:


  • Hybrid Models revolutionizes the model creation and deployment workflow to build sustainable models and drive alliance with production optimization. 
  • Multi-Case analysis means you can analyze designs across all operating cases and visualize the operations space to drive optimal performance.
  • Cost estimation insights make every new estimate better than all past estimates by delivering continuous organizational learning. 
  • In-context guidance provides just-in-time knowledge and direction to accelerate engineering competency development. 


Our new Asset Performance Management (APM) solutions enhance the advanced technology that has made such a tremendous impact in the industry, now adding the AI-assisted development of predictive maintenance agents to enable rapid deployments at enterprise scale. Scalability is paramount for companies today — to support that, we are giving them the ability to streamline the agent development process, accelerate their planning functions and address process drift and its negative impact on assets. 

The release also includes Aspen Event Analytics, a new product focused on exploratory analytics for identifying, classifying and analyzing production events. In addition, our new Maestro™ technology unlocks additional capabilities in Aspen Mtell® by automating many of the key data science tasks and data preparation tasks to build better agents faster. 

With these types of capabilities incorporated into existing operating technology and information technology, industrial systems gain the power to orchestrate across functional silos and operate semi-autonomously (and eventually autonomously). This will enable our customer organizations to drive maximum profit, while at the same time improving safety, minimizing environmental impact and ensuring greater reliability and efficiency.

Organizations can achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency, safety and sustainability by creating the Self-Optimizing Plant, and I’m excited to help our customers take their initial steps on this journey. Watch the AspenTech blog for more details on all the capabilities enabled by Industrial AI as we continue to roll out our V12 software to customer organizations around the world.


To learn more about where this technology can take your operation, check out our recent executive brief, The Self-Optimizing Plant: A New Era of Autonomy, Powered by Industrial AI.



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