Technical Paper

Mitigation of Geothermal Induced Seismicity Through Data Integration and 3D Geomodeling in a Cloud-Hosted Environment

Geothermal energy is a key resource for providing clean, reliable and sustainable energy. Induced seismicity events, with magnitudes large enough to be felt by local communities and impact surface infrastructures, are an undesirable potential result of geothermal operations, and significantly impact social acceptance. Mitigating adverse effects is of upmost importance if one wishes to increase the number of safe, sustainable geothermal projects.

Live Events

EAGE Annual 2023

Meet our experts at the leading multidisciplinary geoscience and engineering event in Europe, and learn how AspenTech® Subsurface Science & Engineering is helping companies like yours. The show will focus on energy security and independence, a sustainable energy transition, and how we all need to adapt our traditional ways of working and cooperation to address an uncertain future.


Carbon Capture: The Need to Act

Companies across the globe are successfully relying on AspenTech's solutions to drive carbon capture.

Case Study

Efficient Data Integration, Visualization and Mapping in a Mature Basin Lead to Interpretation of New Prospects

In a mature onshore North American basin with a wealth of information, an operator needed to streamline data integration and interpretation in order to enable efficient prospecting. Read how Aspen SKUA™ software was used to develop multiple custom-made macros to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, and to create a new mapping workflow that enabled the customer to efficiently create prospecting maps to assist in the strategic acquisition of oil and gas leases.

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