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Increase Exploration Success with Innovative Digital Geoscience Solutions

The future of the upstream industry lies in the adoption of innovative geoscience digitalization solutions to optimize operations. Machine learning applications for geoscience data have been in use for more than 25 years but have recently become critical due to massive growth in the amount of petrotechnical data being acquired. As machine learning evolves, it will play an increasingly visible role in analyzing surface and subsurface data.

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Subsurface Science & Engineering Product Overview

Global energy companies trust the AspenTech® Subsurface Science & Engineering portfolio to solve their most complex exploration and production challenges while reducing geological risks and minimizing impact on the environment. Get a quick look at our products, with QR codes linking to more details. Download now.


Broadband Processing of Conventional 3D Seismic Survey for Better Reservoir Characterization of Gas Hydrate Deposits in KG Basin, India

In this article, legacy 3D seismic data from the KG deep water basin underwent broadband reprocessing using state-of-the-art-software.

Technical Paper

Enhancing the Imaging Quality of Pay Sands and Improving the Deeper Paleocene and Cretaceous Sediments Through Advancements in Seismic Processing and Full Azimuth Imaging from Land & OBC Data - a Case Study from KG Basin, India

The latest advancements in seismic processing and imaging, such as geostatistical interval velocity derivation and full-azimuth imaging, have improved many geologically complex and structurally deeper sediments.

Technical Paper

Maximize the Value of Vintage 3D Seismic Data Through Accurate Velocity Model Building and State-of-the-Art Data Conditioning and Imaging Tools - Case Studies from Cauvery On-Land and KG Offshore Basins

High-quality subsurface images are critical for uncovering geological and geophysical aspects of the subsurface. Much vintage data was acquired in areas where no new surveys are available for a variety of reasons, so that reprocessing existing data may be the only option. The reprocessing results discussed in this paper have tremendously improved image quality and increased the interpreter’s confidence by resolving depth issues, fault positioning and reservoir connectivity.


Model-based Ground-roll Attenuation with Updating Quality Factors

Surface waves can generate coherent noise, known as ground roll, in seismic surveys. Ground roll can significantly degrade data quality.

Improve Production Performance for Upstream

Optimize production from upstream assets from the reservoir to separation and processing plants to maximize profitability and ensure ESG compliance.

Case Study

Broadband Processing of Conventional 3D Seismic Survey Improves the Reservoir Characterization of Gas Hydrate Deposits in an Offshore India Basin

Learn how AspenTech processing and imaging software enabled more accurate reservoir characterization of the KG basin off the coast of India. Sharper subsurface images provided a more detailed description of the reservoir and enhanced data interpretability, while the use of advanced broadband processing enabled the extraction of additional information from legacy data, with no need for further costly acquisition. Better mapping of gas hydrate deposits led to the identification of a site for pilot production drilling.

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