Introduction to Aspen Mtell

Learn how Aspen Mtell prescriptive maintenance uses Autonomous Agents to predict equipment failures, detect deviations from normal behavior and prescribe detailed actions to mitigate or solve future problems.


Introduction to Aspen Event Analytics™

Each hour spent tracking down information related to production events is an hour taken away from making improvements to your business. In this video, watch how Aspen Event Analytics™ enables operators and front line process and production engineers to quickly and easily analyze the causes behind production events.


Introduction to Aspen Connect Family

Aspen Edge Connect™ collects data from multiple assets, cleansing and pooling it together for analysis with an edge processing device. Data can then be stored securely in the cloud or with an on-premise solution.


Introducing Staggered Analysis with BLOWDOWN Technology in Aspen HYSYS

Built on BLOWDOWN Technology in Aspen HYSYS, Staggered Analysis is a breakthrough technology for completing the design or validation of disposal systems that sequence the discharge of multiple blowdown valves.


Introducing Aspen Operator Training for Sooner and Continued OTS Benefits

With the new Aspen Operating Training, take advantage of the complete dynamic model lifecycle to deploy DCS agnostic, maintainable operator training sooner. Built with the Operator Training Simulator (OTS) Software from Inprocess Technology and Consulting Group, Aspen Operator Training combines OTS expertise with the trusted accuracy of Aspen HYSYS Dynamics for a solution that is seamless, easy-to-modify and rigorous. Train staff with confidence to speed up planned startup and shutdown, increase production and prevent safety incidents.


Introducing Smart Tune - A New Aspen DMC3 Engine

Aspen DMC3 Smart Tune technology empowers users to make APC controllers more agile and easy to setup by simplifying tuning and configuration. The intelligent solver in Smart Tune enables you to configure economic objectives directly instead of tuning cost factors. This approach combined with a web based view provides a much greater insight into controller strategy.


Introducing Aspen DMC3 Builder

Introducting Aspen DMC3 Builder, an integrated platform used to build and deploy all APC controllers from start to finish. Improves the APC workflow, increases efficiency and preserves process knowledge. 


Introducing Aspen Event Analytics™

Unknown, unexpected process behaviors that cause manufacturing disruptions can lead to a loss in quality, yield, and profitability. With Aspen Event Analytics™, operators and process engineers can rapidly understand unexpected operational events, so they can take early action to stabilize the process. Learn how Aspen Event Analytics accelerates and simplifies the process of investigating everyday issues— assuring fast, accurate decision making, minimizing impact on productivity, and preventing process disruptions.


Presentamos Aspen Event Analytics™

Los comportamientos desconocidos e inesperados del proceso que provocan perturbaciones en las operaciones de producción pueden provocar una pérdida de calidad, rendimiento y rentabilidad. Con Aspen Event Analytics ™, los operadores y los ingenieros de procesos pueden comprender rápidamente los eventos operativos inesperados, por lo que pueden tomar medidas tempranas para estabilizar el proceso. Descubra cómo Aspen Event Analytics acelera y simplifica el proceso de investigación de problemas cotidianos, lo que garantiza una toma de decisiones rápida y precisa, minimiza el impacto en la productividad y previene las interrupciones del proceso.

Self-Guided Demo

Jump Start Guide to using Aspen Shell & Tube Exchanger

Aspen Exchanger Design and Rating (EDR) enables you to find the optimal design for your heat exchanger needs based on cost. The seamless integration between the thermal and mechanical design tools of Aspen EDR and process simulation tools from AspenTech enables analysis of several different alternatives before presenting you with the most optimal design. Use this tutorial to get started using Aspen Shell & Tube Exchanger to create, evaluate, and save designs.

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