Physical Property Estimation

Create process models on a solid foundation. Start your modeling efforts with confidence with the most up-to-date and comprehensive portfolio of physical property data.

Bidding and Cost Estimation

Minimize estimating risk and develop bids faster through the improved consistency and accuracy of an integrated, model-based estimating system.

Batch Process Improvement

Simplify batch process development. Optimize your batch and continuous process with a common platform from development through manufacturing.

Aspen Nonlinear Controller

AspenTech's Nonlinear Controller enables you to reduce catalyst usage, increase capacity and maintain quality with advanced process control technology.

Solid Process Optimization

AspenTech's Solid Process optimization delivers consistent quality of solids, process optimization, crystallization and granulation modeling.

Recipe Based Process Scale Up

Develop and transfer batch processes from lab to manufacturing by using the recipe as process mode.

Polymer Process Optimization

AspenTech helps you to optimize production and rapidly develop new grades, polymer process optimization, polymerization reactions and modeling.

Optimization with Custom Equipment

Increase visibility and responsiveness to production problems through real-time monitoring of business metrics via dashboards, alertsand pattern matching.

Integration with Detailed Engineering

AspenTech's integrated model-based estimating tool helps deliver bids with optimized designs faster from concept design through 3D model development.

Integrated LNG Process Improvement

Increase efficiency with insights into the operation of liquefaction processes through rigorous heat exchanger models leveraging full process simulation.

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