Case Study

Seismic Classification and Modeling Solutions Enhance Understanding of the Geology for Optimized Drilling

YPF, a majority state-owned energy company, was looking to place new wells in a tight gas field that is part of a complex delta front system. Learn how YPF used Aspen SKUA™ geological modeling solutions to:

Case Study

Indian Refinery Reduces Energy Consumption Using Real-Time Digital Twin

Energy reduction plays a key role in meeting aggressive sustainability goals. Learn how BPCL deployed an Aspen HYSYS®-based online digital twin of the amine regeneration unit (ARU) supporting the Aspen DMC3™-based (APC) system enabling them to:

Case Study

Global Energy and Chemical Company Uses Control Tower Solution to Manage Its Integrated Business Value Chain

Repsol S.A. is a global energy and petrochemical company based in Madrid, Spain that operates three integrated petrochemical complexes, managed as a single hub. Repsol was looking for an end-to-end supply chain control tower that would provide economic and customer service trade-offs for planning across the entire chemicals value chain.

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