Case Study

Mitsubishi Chemical Uses Aspen Hybrid Models to Detect and Avoid Product Quality Issues

Mitsubishi Chemical Group Corporation, Japan’s largest chemical company, faced quality problems in the company's polymer manufacturing processes that could not be detected on time, resulting in impacts to production. Using Aspen Hybrid Models with Aspen Plus®, Mitsubishi Chemical Group Corporation had the opportunity to create a robust and performant model that accurately predicted quality issues and supported preventive actions.

Case Study

Novozymes Uses Process Modeling to Optimize and Develop Biodiesel Processes

Novozymes A/S, a global biotechnology company based in Denmark, was looking to support the development and optimization of biodiesel processes due to increasing biodiesel market demand, rising materials costs and more stringent industry regulations. Novozymes saw potential in combining AspenTech technology with its own unique design and processing expertise to more quickly identify new opportunities to increase profitability of biodiesel production processes.

Case Study

Digital Supply Chain Helps FPCO Reduce Emissions and Waste, Meet Sustainability Goals

FP Corporation (FPCO) is Japan’s largest manufacturer of food containers and a logistics service provider delivering a range of products to stores engaged in food distribution. They needed to provide stable and responsive food distribution in an efficient and environmentally friendly way.

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