Case Study

Aspen SKUA™ Provides Deeper Insight for The Geysers, One of the World’s Largest Geothermal Systems

Learn how Aspen SKUA is used by Calpine Corporation to create a highly constrained and continually refined 3D structural model that assists with water injection and steam production well planning, reservoir management, drilling analysis and a better understanding of induced seismicity.

Case Study

Efficient Data Integration, Visualization and Mapping in a Mature Basin Lead to Interpretation of New Prospects

In a mature onshore North American basin with a wealth of information, an operator needed to streamline data integration and interpretation in order to enable efficient prospecting. Read how Aspen SKUA™ software was used to develop multiple custom-made macros to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, and to create a new mapping workflow that enabled the customer to efficiently create prospecting maps to assist in the strategic acquisition of oil and gas leases.

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