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How to Connect AI-ready, Industrial Data with Amazon S3 and Aspen AIoT Hub

Today’s industrial organizations require both historical and real-time data for AI and analytics so that they can make decisions to keep the business running efficiently in a competitive marketplace.

Live Webinar

AIoT at the Edge: Why the Intelligent Edge Will Be Important for Successful Industrial AI Deployments

Recent trends show the industrial sector evolving from pure IIoT, which focused mainly on connecting assets, to AIoT, where pervasive industrial intelligence is the key business driver. As a result, there is a compounding demand for edge technologies that work in concert with cloud workloads. Leveraging the edge to run AI models will provide uninterrupted, real-time actionable response while the cloud executes less critical tasks such as model training, retraining, sustainment and monitoring. This combined solution will optimize uptimes while minimizing the risk of unseen issues.

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