Performance Engineering

AspenTech's performance engineering solution reduces plant CAPEX and OPEX while improving time to market, energy efficiency and profit margins.

Engineering Procurement and Construction

AspenTech can help you win more engineering and construction work, improve engineering performance and capitalize on OPEX. Watch our video to learn more.

Bulk Chemicals

AspenTech enables producers to improve cost competitiveness, reduce operational risks and increase return on capital across their most complex assets.

Operator Training Simulator Deployment

AspenTech helps train operators by using highly accurate dynamic simulation across the full asset lifecycle to meet your needs with DCS agnostic OTS.

Aspen HYSYS Dynamics

Ensure smooth operations by designing and analyzing for transient conditions using dynamic simulation with built-in templates with AspenTech.


AspenTech enables you to increase safety, throughput and ROI by optimizing the entire site in one environment with simulation accuracy and workflows.

Aspen Operator Training

AspenTech's DCS-Agnostic OTS solution uses dynamic simulation from start-to-end to deploy DCS-agnostic maintainable operator training sooner.


Acerca de AspenTech

La misión de AspenTech es acelerar la transformación digital de las industrias a las que servimos optimizando sus activos para que funcionen de manera más segura, ecológica, prolongada y rápida.


How Industrial AI Will Shape Your Future

Defining your future means building on the past. As the world continues to change, AspenTech has the experience to prepare you for the future. We’ll help you achieve new levels of reliability, efficiency and agility by harnessing the power of AI to run your operations safer, greener, longer and faster. Your future begins now. Watch this video to learn how you’ll move ahead with AspenTech.


Operator Training Simulator Deployment- Application Overview

Operator Training Simulators (OTSs) are useful for training new and experienced operators on startups, shutdowns, and operational changes. Built with the OTS Software from Inprocess Technology and Consulting Group, the New Aspen Operating Training enables a Full Dynamic lifecycle for OTS Deployment. Watch now to learn more.

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