Ensure Process Safety and Compliance

Complete pressure relief analysis with AspenTech’s Process Safety Software suite of products including dynamic analysis, pressure safety valve sizing, and flare system design and rating.
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Achieve compliance with greater speed and ease.

Visit our NEW Aspen HYSYS Resource Center! Aspen HYSYS incorporates the most up-to-date industry standards into software calculations to help companies achieve safety compliance while doing so quickly and accurately. This resource center will help new and experienced engineers discover the full power of Aspen HYSYS, the most trusted process modeling software for the energy industry.

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Revolutionize your BLOWDOWN Analysis

BLOWDOWN, the industry’s proven depressurization technology developed by Doctor Graham Saville and Professor Stephen Richardson, is now available in Aspen HYSYS! With this depressurization tool you can design an orifice for pool fire scenarios, select materials of construction for cold case systems and assess risk to the facility based on peak pressures reached in the system during overpressure.

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Safety comes first.

AspenTech’s Process Safety Software suite of products offers many solutions for completing pressure relief analysis projects.  Conduct safety studies including—pressure safety valve sizing, flare system design and rating, and dynamic analysis for startup, shutdown, emergencies, and compressor surge—all with the option to use simulation data from Aspen HYSYS® and Aspen Plus®.

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Analyze, size, and document pressure safety valves.

Use AspenTech’s Process Safety Software to ensure that proper pressure safety valve sizing methods are used throughout pressure relief analysis. Calculate relief loads, size relief devices, and automatically generate customizable documentation. Size devices using industry accepted standards API 520, 521 and automatically import pressure safety valve results in Aspen Flare System Analyzer to streamline flare system designs.

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Perform storage tank protection, multivalve analysis, and size rupture disks.

Ensure the pressure relief analysis of storage tanks comply with API 2000v7 overpressure protection standards. Rate non-sizing scenarios with multiple pressure safety valves to prevent chatter. Size rupture disk devices independent of PSVs.

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Improve process safety with accurate flare system design and rating.

With Aspen Flare System Analyzer, users can reliably evaluate new and existing flare system designs. Automatically import stream data and sized pressure safety valves, calculated from pressure relief analysis work in Aspen HYSYS and Aspen Plus. Identify potentially dangerous relief scenarios, calculate minimum sizes for new flares, and consider alternatives to debottleneck existing flare system designs. Model flare or vent systems including convergent, divergent, and complex looped systems for the most rigorous flare system design.

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Upgrade steady-state simulations with dynamic modeling.

Dynamic process modeling is crucial to getting a comprehensive view of plant behavior. Import existing steady-state models from Aspen Plus and Aspen HYSYS or build new ones in simulation to run emergency scenarios, evaluate startup and shutdown procedures, test control schemes, assess safety conditions, and more.

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Easily perform Dynamic Compressor Surge Analysis.

Modeling of compressor operations once required a high-level of dynamic simulation experience. Now, Activated Dynamics makes dynamic analysis faster and easier, enabling more accessibility to users of all levels of expertise—leading to safer designs and reduced maintenance costs.

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