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For the first time - see the plan and schedule together.

React faster to discrepancies between the plan and schedule and effectively exploit optionality to make smarter, more profitable decisions in your supply chain.

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Optimize decisions to make, trade, or exchange crude or deliverables.

Accurately and effectivley manage hour-to-hour, day-to-day operational activities while conducting thorough analysis with Aspen Inventory Mangement and Operations Scheduling (IMOS).

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Run more scenarios—faster than ever.

Leverage PIMS-AO's parallel processing to evaluate multiple scenarios simultaneously in a fraction of the time used by traditional methods. Shorter run times lead to more and quicker analysis resulting in better decision making.

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Create integrated workflow with unprecedented results.

With aspenONE Planning & Scheduling, integrated workflows, easier searching, and quicker feedstock evaluation all add up to driving more profitability for your refinery.

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Align inventory and distribution with market demand.

Maximize profitability with aspenONE Supply & Distribution, which provides a comprehensive enterprise solution for optimizing the petroleum supply chain.

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Schedule all activities from one platform.

Aspen Petroleum Scheduler is an event-based, single blend optimization tool that supports scheduling of refinery activites for global refineries.

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Improve forecast accuracy.

Augment your statistical forecast with real-time collaborative data using Aspen Collaborative Demand Manager. Improvements in forecast accuracy lead to

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Create an integrated workflow with unprecedented results.

Aspen's Refinery Multi-Blend Optimizer allows schedulers to use all rundown components continously, respect tanks and inventory constraints, and more easily meet product requirements.

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Optimize economics of supply distribution network.

Aspen Petroleum Supply Chain Planner is a powerful economic tool that solves multi-period transport optimization problems related to allocating resources, helping you balance them to maximize profitability.

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Accurately predict properties for better crude purchase decisions.

Patent-pending molecular characterization in Aspen PIMS helps planners more accurately characterize crudes for enhanced property prediction, yielding better crude purchase decisions.

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