Aspen Nonlinear Controller

Increase capacity, reduce catalyst usage and maintain quality with advanced process control technology specifically designed for polymer processes.

Aspen Non-Linear Controller is a fully non-linear solution in both gains and dynamics. And with our unique transition management features, polymers producers can squeeze more performance from existing assets than ever before.
Aspen Nonlinear Controller
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Easily handle multiple catalysts.

Aspen Non-Linear Controller’s Combine Models feature makes it easy to develop models that represent multiple catalyst configurations.

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Generate accurate inferentials.

Eliminate reliance on finicky analyzers with accurate inferentials. And with Aspen Non-Linear Controller, you have a choice of empirical or rigorous models.

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Ensure consistent, fast grade transitions.

Aspen Non-Linear Controller automates operating procedures—including start-ups and shutdowns. It handles complex Polymer transitions including catalyst changes, donor changes, and co-monomer changes.

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Handle complex recipes with ease.

Master Recipes, representing operating conditions, are pulled together and a Control Recipe, representing the entire plant, is created.

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Leverage the industry’s best rigorous non-linear simulator.

Fundamental models can provide more accurate predictions compared to empirical models as new products and catalysts are introduced.

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Rely on interfaces for operators designed by operators.

It doesn’t matter how good the controller is if the operators won’t use it. The operator interfaces in the Aspen Non-Linear Controller were designed based on feedback from polymer plant operators.

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