Aspen Petroleum Refining

Maximize throughput and crude flexibility by making effective operations decisions and promoting collaboration with planning using a refinery-wide simulation solution.

One Environment for Refinery-Wide Optimization

Unparalleled Property Prediction

Access 700+ assays with Aspen Assay Manager. Better predict petroleum properties anywhere in the refinery with detailed crude characterization, including innovative molecular characterization.

Refinery-Wide Simulation

Easily evaluate crude feedstocks with a refinery-wide model including a complete reactor suite, columns and heat exchangers. Make decisions around sour crudes with a full gas processing unit model.

Streamlined Planning Model Updates

Maintain accurate planning models with an automated and streamlined planning model update workflow. Import and export petroleum assays to and from Aspen PIMS.

Integrated CDU Optimization

Make better decisions using a fully integrated  model of the crude distillation unit, complete with the preheat train. Elevate this model with fast data reconciliation and connections to plant data.

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再此网络研讨会中,艾斯本专家们讨论了Aspen PIMS-AO,Aspen Petroleum Scheduler,Aspen炼油厂多混合优化器和新的Aspen GDOT的新增强功能。

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