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Getting Started!

I’m new to all of this. What classes do I take?
If you are asking this question you are probably new to AspenTech products, or haven’t considered a training course before now. This page will help guide you on what courses to take.

Asset Performance Management

  • Are you looking to avoid equipment failure and find out days or weeks ahead when and why an asset will fail?

    Aspen MTell is a condition monitoring solution that uses automated Machine Learning to stop equipment from breaking down, makes them last longer, reduces maintenance costs, and increases the net product output of any process. Attend APR101 class to learn how to implement Aspen MTell solution that helps to create a world that doesn’t break down.


  • Are you a reliability engineer looking to predict future performance of your asset and quantify how events and uncertainties impact overall asset availability?

    Aspen Fidelis Reliability is a Reliability, Availability and Maintainability tool that allows you to simulate the lifecycle availability of any system and predict its performance due to changes in design, capacity, operations, maintenance, logistics, market dynamics and even weather. Attend AFR101 class to learn the fundamentals of Reliability, Availability and Maintainability and how to utilize Aspen Fidelis Reliability to evaluate these key asset performance indicators.

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Advanced Process Control

  • I am a Process Control Engineer who is tasked to build and maintain Aspen DMC/DMC3 controllers. Which course prepares me to work on this task?

    Consider starting with the following courses:


  • I wanted to Further optimize the Aspen APC Controllers Performance to maximize the benefits. What course enables me with the knowledge to further improve my controller Performance?

    Aspen DMC3 is the most profit hungry engine that allows you to sustain peak APC performance and improves uptime by stabilizing controller’s performance.

    • Learn the specifics of Aspen DMC3 features on how it can help deliver the benefits from the course APC250

  • I am interested in monitoring controller performance using KPI’s that allows me to take actions and sustain controller Performance. Which class help me to achieve this?

    Aspen Watch KPI’s lets you identify the poor and healthy performing controllers that helps you decide to take corrective actions.

    • APC210 goes into details on how to set up KPI’s in Aspen Watch that are key to monitor the controller performance.
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Manufacturing Execution Systems

  • I want to learn how to Analyze critical plant data and troubleshoot the process effectively to understand the complete view of production. Which training offering helps me to get started?

    AspenONE Process Explorer is a web application that allows you to gain real time perspective of the process data with the most severe alarms in a timeline you choose

    • MES121 is the course that gets you started with aspenONE Process Explorer.

  • I am new to Aspen InfoPlus.21 and tasked to maintain the database. What is the best course for me?

    Aspen InfoPlus.21 is the real time database that historizes the data coming from the plant to be accessed by different users. It provides rich set of tools to visualize data, create reports that helps to create complete picture of all your operations.

    • MES101 is the right course for you as it covers all the details on how to effectively manage your server.
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Petroleum Supply Chain

  • I am involved in the planning and economics group for my company. We evaluate different crudes and other purchases for the feasibility of processing them in our refineries and the economics of selling the resultant products, do you have any tools that might be of interest to me?

    Aspen PIMS is our premier planning tool that is used by over 70% of the worlds refineries to evaluate and optimize their supply decisions.

    • Our RPA101 course would give you a really good introduction to the capabilities of this tool and take you on your way to effectively evaluating your companies purchase and sale decisions.

  • I was just assigned to my planning and scheduling group. I need to get familiar with Aspen PIMS and Aspen Petroleum Scheduler, which classes should I take?

    Aspen PIMS is the preferred optimization tool for operations planning.

    • Consider starting with our RPA101 course if you are working in refining.
    • If you are in the chemicals industry, we recommend RPA102.
    • For scheduling activities, Aspen Petroleum Scheduler is our premier tool. You can learn the basics of this tool by taking RBS121.

  • I have worked with Aspen PIMS as a planner, but my role is changing and I will be making more model structure changes. Which courses can prepare me for this new task?
    • To learn the basics of Aspen PIMS structure our RPA201 course is recommended.
    • If you have experience with model structure and are looking for an expert level class, this would be our RPA301.

  • I have used Aspen PIMS for some time and my organization recently upgraded to Aspen PIMS Advanced Optimization (PIMS-AO). How can I quickly get familiar with the new features of AO and best practices?
    • Our RPA221 course offers an introduction into Aspen PIMS-AO features.
    • For additional information, RPA150 teaches best practices related to PIMS-AO and its capabilities.
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Licensing, Installation and Integration

  • Are you responsible for rolling out Aspen Tech software including patches, upgrades, new software?
    • We offer a course in Aspen Software License Management and Deployment SLM101.