Open Systems International, Inc. (OSI) is now AspenTech® Digital Grid Management

Enabling the Resilient, Sustainable and Intelligent Utility of the Future

AspenTech is excited to announce the latest advancements in our Digital Grid Management (DGM) product suite.

The dependable, innovative products that have earned your trust and respect are now AspenTech OSI products, part of Digital Grid Management. This strategic enhancement embodies our commitment to providing a robust array of comprehensive solutions, with performance and capabilities tailored to specifically address the evolving demands of the Power & Utilities industry.

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Aspen Technology is a global leader in industrial software, uniquely positioned to address the dual challenge of meeting rising demand for resources from a growing population while delivering on the expectations of a more sustainable world.

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Digital Grid Management

AspenTech’s Digital Grid Management solutions support the evolution to an intelligent electric, gas and water network that utilities can monitor and control in real-time to provide secure, reliable and affordable service.

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Combining industry-leading asset optimization software with advanced power grid management solutions allows our customers to run safer, greener, longer and faster, and ultimately, build a healthier world for future generations.

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AspenTech OSI monarch SCADA™

Feature-rich and flexible platform providing real-time monitoring and control applications with advanced situational awareness.

AspenTech OSI Generation Management System™

Comprehensive solution suite for managing regulated and deregulated power generation assets including forecasting, optimization, scheduling, real-time operation, market participation, accounting and compliance.

AspenTech OSI Energy Management System™

Transformative solution suite to balance the transport of power on the transmission grid through reliable real-time operations while enabling renewable integration.

AspenTech OSI Advanced Distribution Management System™

Integrated solution suite for active management of distribution grids including advanced applications, outage management and distributed energy resource management.

AspenTech OSI Distributed Energy Resource Management System™

Robust solution suite to model, monitor, forecast, schedule and control renewables and distributed energy resources enabling virtual power plants and market participation.

AspenTech OSI CHRONUS Historian™

Next-generation historian providing high-performance data scaling, secure data storage and context-rich visualizations and analytics.

AspenTech OSI Continua Pipeline Management™

Suite of solutions to operate real-time natural gas and liquid pipelines and optimize storage.