Case Study

Aspen Mtell® Machine Learning Finds Cause of Compressor Failures at LNG Facility

Read how this LNG facility used Aspen Mtell prescriptive maintenance to provide up to 61 days advance notice of catastrophic compressor failures, preventing an economic loss of more than $40M USD per occurrence. Quick to implement and readily scalable, the solution provided key insights into the root cause of the failures.

Case Study

Leading Pulp and Paper Manufacturer Detects and Avoids Major Fire with Aspen Mtell

Aspen Mtell provided a nine-day advance warning of imminent kiln overheating, allowing the plant to change operating conditions and avoid an operational shutdown. Download this case study to learn more.


Aspen Mtell: Prescriptive Maintenance for the Transportation Industry

See how Aspen Mtell prescriptive maintenance prevents catastrophic diesel engine failures.


Keep your plants running through predictive analytics

Discover how to predict upsets early and receive guidance on how to manage the upsets, saving billions by avoiding plant downtime and off-spec. production.


Creating an Analytic - Column Analytics Demo

Column Analytics gives one "X-ray vision" to see what is going on in a column to prevent process abuse and notify the operator of needed process changes before the column goes down due to flooding.


Asset Analytics Root Cause Analytics Demo

Root Cause determines the weaknesses in processes so that the real cause or reason for a failure in a process can be eliminated. RCA looks upward into a process and prioritizes the weaknesses that might contribute to potential failures.


In Maintenance and Reliability Words Do Matter

When we talk about reliability, uptime, minimizing downtime and utilization as the main metrics of asset performance, it's important to make sure we're all speaking the same language.

On Demand Webinar

On Demand Webinar: Beyond Digitalization-The Path to Increased Reliability and Automation in the Oil Field

Upstream organizations are increasingly leveraging data analytics, machine learning and other advanced modeling approaches to drive automation, productivity and a lower break-even price of production. However, leadership has struggled to understand where to make investments in data enablement. Join AspenTech’s Ron Beck, Industry Marketing Director and Anum Qassam, Senior Product Manager, to gain clear insight into how upstream companies can turn data into dollars.

On Demand Webinar

Latest Innovations in Aspen HYSYS® Streamline Workflows for Improving Refinery Planning Model Accuracy

Learn how you can leverage the latest innovations in Aspen HYSYS to better maintain your refinery planning tools. The streamlined workflow in Aspen HYSYS, enables refineries to update Aspen PIMS™ planning models in-house resulting in more accurate planning models.

On Demand Webinar

Improve Your Refinery Reactor Operations Using Kinetic Simulation Models in Aspen HYSYS®

Refinery reactors are critical units of any refinery, affecting both the quality and yield of products. Kinetic simulation models of reactor units help refineries get the most from these complex processes. Aspen HYSYS offers a complete suite of kinetic models for all major refinery reactor units, which has provided refineries worldwide with benefits worth millions of dollars from operational improvements. Learn how you can leverage the latest innovations in Aspen HYSYS to improve your refinery operations.

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