Interview With Marco Parada of YPFB Andina

Read the English version! Marco Parada shares his experience with Aspen HYSYS as supervisor of operations for YPFB Andina in San Alberto and San Antonio, Bolivia. 



2019年1月15至16日,艾斯本公司在北京成功举办Aspen HYSYS® 软件在中国的首次用户认证培训,并于17日开展认证考试,共有69名来自中国某重要客户的工程师参与此次认证考试。 艾斯本用户认证为客户提供了一种标准的、结构化的方法,帮助客户衡量自己的专业能力并设定学习目标。该认证结合了行业的和标准化考试的最佳实践,由艾斯本专家设计而来。

On Demand Webinar

Learn the top 10 Best Practices in Designing Heat Exchangers for the Process Industry

Optimal heat exchanger design is vital for the efficient operation of any process plant. The integration between heat exchanger design and rating software, Aspen EDR, and the process simulators Aspen HYSYS® or Aspen Plus® enables engineers to design heat exchangers best suited to their processes. View this webinar to learn best practices on designing heat exchangers!


Learn how AspenTech Solutions Helped Fix Operational Issues with a Major Refiner's CDU

Learn how a major Middle East Refinery used AspenTech solutions to address operational issues with their crude distillation unit (CDU). This video highlights how the detailed hydraulic analysis capability in Aspen HYSYS, along with its seamless integration with the heat exchanger design & rating software Aspen EDR, helped the refinery troubleshoot a challenging operational issue with their CDU.

Case Study

Increasing Capacity in Sulfur Production Using Sulsim Modeling

Siirtec Nigi increased their sulfur production from 50 to 90 tons per day using Aspen HYSYS Sulsim to simulate the case study and conduct a sensitivity analysis around their oxygen enrichment. The new process required minimal equipment changes and no additional downtime other than turnaround.

White Paper

Enabling Better Project Outcomes: Six Tips for Faster, More Accurate Cost Estimates

Six tips are offered that speak to the strengths of ACCE: Eliminated manual tasks, automates repeated tasks, handles change management, leverages historical content and starts the estimating process leveraging conceptual engineering.

White Paper

Benchmarking Organizations During Lean Times

How do contractors and owners manage risk in today’s environment? There is intense pressure to understand estimating uncertainty and deliver better designs and lower bids. By reading this white paper you'll understand new ways to deliver bids faster and increase transparency with respect to estimate risk and uncertainty.

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Design Pressure Relief Systems Using an Integrated Solution

This on-demand webinar provides an overview of process safety system design and rating using steady-state analysis, dynamic analysis and flare system analysis. Learn how this integrated solution saves the time of moving between software products, providing greater accuracy and efficiency.

FAQ Document

TOP 10 QUESTIONS About BLOWDOWN™ Technology in Aspen HYSYS®

BLOWDOWN Technology is available in Aspen HYSYS V9 and above. The tool’s rigorous calculations and intuitive workflows can help you save CAPEX in greenfield and revalidation projects — with fewer engineering hours. This Q&A will give you a better understanding of this helpful depressurization tool.

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How to Optimize the Disposal System With Staggered Analysis Using BLOWDOWN™ Technology

In this guide, you will be introduced to the tools in BLOWDOWN that can be used to perform staggered blowdown analysis. You will configure a simple analysis by using the Staggered Analysis tool, as well as a rigorous analysis using the Multi-Vessel Template.

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