What’s New in aspenONE Process Explorer?

With the KPI Hierarchies feature in aspenONE Process Explorer V10, obtain real-time perspectives of severe alarms over an entire site, and trace through the hierarchy to determine the source of alarms.


Planning is Personal: Introducing Unified PIMS

Aspen Unified PIMS, the next generation of PIMS available with V10, was designed to make your life easier, train new users faster, and lower cost of ownership up to 30% with server deployment.


Introducing Staggered Analysis with BLOWDOWN Technology in Aspen HYSYS

Built on BLOWDOWN Technology in Aspen HYSYS, Staggered Analysis is a breakthrough technology for completing the design or validation of disposal systems that sequence the discharge of multiple blowdown valves.


Improve Your CDU Operations With Aspen HYSYS® Equation Oriented Modeling

Use the equation oriented (EO) solver in Aspen HYSYS to simulate your refinery’s CDU operations. EO solves process simulations of units with complicated nested recycle loops and heat integration in less time.


Standardized Design Is a CAPEX-Cutter

With the right software technology infrastructure in place, upstream companies can reduce costs by 50 percent or more.


The Art of the Deal: Capital Project Estimating

What are the keys to ensuring better estimates, better projects and better collaboration?


Infographic: Upstream Best Practices: Optimizing Hydrocarbon Revenues

In this infographic, we present some of the specific results achieved by seven different companies using aspenONE, the most widely used software system in the upstream oil and gas industry. The measurable business value that these organizations achieve yearly is well over $1B USD.

Interactive Infographic

Complete the picture with Aspen HYSYS®

From oil and gas production to refining, gas treatment and liquefaction, Aspen HYSYS streamlines engineering and provides valuable insights to save organizations CAPEX, OPEX and engineering time. View this infographic and learn how companies have benefited from the newest innovations in Aspen HYSYS.

Case Study

Experienced Engineering Services Provider Achieves Enhanced Productivity in Natural Gas Processing Plant Design

Read how experienced engineering service provider, Bilfinger, has been able to design entire gas processing projects, including new innovations such as acid gas cleaning and relief valve sizing, all within the comprehensive Aspen HYSYS engineering environment, faster and with optimal process selections.


Aspen HYSYS Petroleum Refining

Learn about the capabilities in Aspen HYSYS developed specifically for the petroleum refining industry.

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