On Demand Webinar

On-Demand Webinar - EPC Perspectives: Concurrent Process Engineering for Improved Project Outcomes

In this webinar, Paul Donnelly, Industry Marketing Director of AspenTech, will share the results of a recent survey on how EPC firms are avoiding the pitfalls and delays caused by sequential engineering to create accurate bids faster, and deliver project designs that save CAPEX and energy for their owner/operator clients.

Case Study

Compañía Española de Petróleos (CEPSA) Streamlines Scheduling Workflows With Integrated Refinery Scheduling and Blending

CEPSA was looking to improve their scheduling workflows and business processes at their La Rábida and Gibraltar-San Roque refineries. This case study details CEPSA's campaign to reach an integrated refinery scheduling and blending solution. Download the case study to discover CEPSA's journey and the benefits they uncovered.

Case Study

Cabot Improves Quality by 30% and Reduces Variability with Global Manufacturing Execution System

Cabot standardized on Aspen InfoPlus.21 across all manufacturing sites, improving product quality by 30% and reducing product variability by 20%.

FAQ Document

Top 10 Questions About Acid Gas Removal Optimization With Aspen HYSYS®

This document contains the frequently asked questions on how you can use Aspen HYSYS to optimize acid gas removal. Initially released in Aspen HYSYS V8.3, the new Acid Gas technology has grown with subsequent releases. We hope you find this information useful.

White Paper

Addressing Complex Challenges with Rundown Blending in Aspen Refinery Multi-Blend Optimizer

The refining market is ever evolving due to market trends continuously changing. Typically, refiners use spreadsheets to develop a schedule, but are often limited to time-based scheduling due to spreadsheet limitations. In Aspen Refinery Multi-Blend Optimizer, schedulers use rundown components continuously, while respecting tank inventories and constraints, to generate a refinery-wide blend schedule on a single database. Download this white paper to learn more today!

Case Study

Major European Chemical Producer Implements Planning and Scheduling Software for Elastomers and Styrenics

Learn how a major European chemical producer implemented aspenONE Supply Chain Management, integrated to their SAP ERP system, and was able to reduce inventories by 20%, achieve 97% on time deliveries, and reduce the number of campaign transitions by 20%.

Executive Brief

5 Signs You Need Optimization - How Scheduling Technology Enhances Asset Utilization in Your Plants

Petrochemical companies have spent a significant amount of money to build assets that manufacture and distribute goods based on customer demand—and they expect a return on that investment. Investing in best-of-breed scheduling technology will streamline your business processes by helping you run your plants at full capacity while optimizing profitability.


Enabling Outstanding Customer Service: Breaking Your Spreadsheet Habit

Providing outstanding customer service is now a significant competitive differentiator, but how well is your company doing? High on-time order fulfillment rates is the key metric that batch producers strive for, but significant challenges exist. Learn why spreadsheets are holding you back and how Aspen Plant Scheduler can help you with its flexible, fast, and intuitive visualization capabilities.

Interview with an Expert

Scheduling Challenges in Specialty Chemicals

Our Specialty Chemicals expert has over 30 years of working with chemical companies and has implemented over 150 scheduling models during his career. Learn what the top challenges a scheduler faces in the specialty chemicals industry, and why scheduling software is so important as complexity has increased inside the plant.

Case Study

Transforming Sales and Operations Planning at Criterion

Learn why Criterion Catalysts uses Aspen Plant Scheduler to ensure they are able to fulfill their sales demands while alerting them of inventory problems. The solution is a critical part of their monthly Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) process, and provides them with global supply chain and inventory visibility 12 months out in the future.

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