Electricity markets are more competitive than ever. Using predictive analytics, get early, accurate warnings of equipment failures to reduce operating and maintenance costs and ensure peak availability.


Introduction to Root Cause Analysis in Aspen Asset Analytics

A brief introduction to the capabilities and key features of the Root Cause Analysis feature within Aspen Asset Analytics.

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Experiences With Aspen DMC3 Builder™ Featuring ExxonMobil

Aspen DMC3 Builder is a powerful, integrated platform that is used to manage the entire lifecycle of advanced process control (APC) applications. ExxonMobil has found through recent implementations that this tool provides an extremely positive experience for both new and experienced APC engineers and has plans to migrate all controllers across the enterprise. Join ExxonMobil’s APC experts, Dave Hokanson and Philippe D'Hooghe, to learn about the powerful new features within Aspen DMC3 Builder that are the keys to success on those applications.

Case Study

Case Study: Chevron Employs APC Best Practices to Get Controllers Online Faster After Unit Turnarounds

Discover how Chevron overcame the challenge of rapidly returning APC controllers to service after unit turnarounds. Using aspenONE APC applications, Chevron reduced the effort required to maintain controller models. In addition to this, Chevron saved thousands of dollars for each day the controller would have been offline.


Strategic Opportunities to Improve Refining Operations

View this infographic to see how leveraging AspenTech's integrated solution suite can help improve margins for your refining operations

Case Study

Braskem Implements Aspen DMC3 to Deploy Controllers in Just Two Weeks and Immediately Accrues Benefits

Braskem is the largest petrochemical company in Latin America, the leading producer of polypropylene in the United States, and the eighth-largest resin producer worldwide. Braskem used Adaptive Process Control within Aspen DMC3 to deploy controllers in just two weeks to start accruing benefits immediately. The benefits included lowered energy usage by 20%, increased production rates and reduced process variability. Download this case study today to learn more about the benefits Braskem realized by using Aspen DMC3 and discover how to achieve these benefits at your organization.

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The Importance of Regulatory Control within Model Predictive Control

Regulatory control design has a significant effect on the overall performance of Model Predictive Control and should not be ignored. With over 35 years of experience implementing Advanced Process Control, Industry Expert Mark Darby shares his wealth of knowledge on the importance of regulatory control.

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ExxonMobil's Experiences Utilizing Adaptive Process Control to Deploy and Maintain APC Applications

Adaptive Process Control is changing the way major organizations like ExxonMobil build and maintain APC controllers. In this webinar, ExxonMobil experts will share the benefits they achieved by using Adaptive Process Control technology within Aspen DMC3 to deploy and maintain APC applications across their organization.

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On-Demand Webinar: Improved Advanced Control Performance using DMC3™ Calibrate, featuring ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil has used Aspen DMC3 Calibrate on a wide variety of both refining and chemical units. In this presentation, ExxonMobil’s APC experts David Hokanson and Roger Hall reviewed successes and benefits of utilizing this innovative technology on a variety of processes, and its use for both new and revamp projects. They also included an overview of the number and breadth of the applications that have been completed to date.

White Paper

Simplifying APC Tuning and Configuration

In depth look at the Smart Tune engine- The new Sequential Multi-Objective Optimization (SMO) technology is a step change from traditional APC optimizers. The new algorithm eliminates any LP cost tuning by enabling users to explicitly specify the APC controllers’ objectives.

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