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Rapidly Deploy a Refinery-Wide Process Model for Improved Profit Margin Analysis

Learn how refineries can address their reconfiguration and operational challenges with a robust and manageable refinery-wide process model developed using Aspen HYSYS.

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More Than Monitoring: Make Data Driven Operational Decisions with Aspen HYSYS®

Solving operational problems and making decisions requires experience and sound engineering know-how. While traditional rules-of-thumb and heuristic approaches can help, steps for improving operations remain unclear, processes grow too complex and operations are left suboptimal. By using Aspen HYSYS, Aspen Online and plant data from a data historian such as InfoPlus.21, you can quickly identify issues and find solutions. Discover how to achieve reliable operations with model-backed intelligence.

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Dr. Distillation Returns! Learn How to Optimize Your Vacuum Distillation Unit (VDU)

Another opportunity to learn from “Dr. Distillation” how refineries can better operate their VDUs, a challenging and critical unit for most plants. With over 35 years of experience, Dr. Prakash Karpe (retired from U.S. refiner Phillips 66) has perfected the skill of leveraging advanced process simulation technology to implement practical improvements to refinery operation — saving millions of dollars. Dr. Karpe will share best practices on improving VDU operations with Aspen HYSYS®.

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Learn Best Practices to Better Simulate your Refinery Operations

Complex processes present a challenge for refinery operations. The operational risks involved call for accurate analysis of plant behavior before making any changes to operations. Process simulation technology specialized in refining such as Aspen HYSYS Petroleum Refining® enables engineers to accurately simulate refinery operations to aid better decisions. Learn how you can leverage the latest technological innovations to make better operational decisions.

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“Dr. Distillation” Explains How to Save Your Refinery Millions by Improving CDU Operations

Crude distillation units (CDUs) are one of the most critical units to a refinery’s profitability. This is a unique opportunity to learn directly from renowned expert Dr. Prakash Karpe (retired from leading U.S. refiner Phillips 66). Dr. Karpe has over 35-plus years of experience and has perfected the skill of leveraging advanced process simulation technology to implement practical improvements to refinery operation — saving millions of dollars. Learn how you can use Aspen HYSYS to improve your CDU operations and bring savings to your refinery.

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Multi-Unit Refinery Simulation Models for Process Optimization and Troubleshooting (Technical)

Learn how to simplify and improve your petroleum refining simulations using multi-unit engineering models. With the availability of a complete suite of refinery reactor models, accurately model all of the refinery reactors in the easy-to-use Aspen HYSYS® Petroleum Refining software.

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aspenONE Engineering Suite Enhances Preem’s Refinery – Saving Millions

This webinar shows how the Swedish company Preem saved millions through the optimization of their crude pre-heat train network at their Preemraff Lysekil refinery using aspenONE Engineering software.

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Improve Crude Distillation Unit Operations With Advanced Capabilities in Aspen HYSYS®

Rigorous simulation of crude distillation units (CDU) help refinery engineers make better operational decisions, effectively troubleshoot issues, identify operational improvement opportunities and update refinery planning tools. Learn how to use a CDU model in Aspen HYSYS to identify potential column operational issues using advanced visualization tools and determine the impact that feed crude changes have on yield and operations of the CDU.


Preparing for the 2030 Engineer

The engineers of 2030 will come to the workforce equipped with a much different skill set – and set of expectations for their employers.

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