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What’s New in aspenONE® V11 APC

With the introduction of centralized performance monitoring in aspenONE APC V11, organizations can improve operating margins across the enterprise by providing greater visibility into APC benefits and performance. New non-linear capabilities in Aspen DMC3™ enable you to extend controller features and functionality to non-linear processes.

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See How Eni Rapidly Develops New Controllers Using Adaptive Process Control Technology

Adaptive Process Control is primarily recognized for streamlining APC maintenance, however it is also very useful in new controller development. Eni shares their story on how they used Adaptive Process Control to build new APC applications faster and more efficiently than traditional methods, allowing them to achieve stable behavior in the presence of large model mismatch. "Seed" models were used to rapidly deploy controllers and accrue benefits immediately, all while minimizing disruption to operations.

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Simplify Controller Tuning using Aspen DMC3 Smart Tune

Overview and demo from AT experts on Smart Tune- an enhanced optimization algorithm that simplifies the tuning and configuration workflow. Smart Tune allows users to directly specify objectives rather than enduring the complicated tuning process.

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Building Effective Seed Models for Adaptive Process Control

John Campbell (AspenTech) shares how to use seed models (less than perfect models based on historical data or similar processes) to shorten the time before a controller is turned on to accrue benefits earlier and potentially develop multiple controllers at once (in parallel).

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Adaptive Modeling for Shifting Process Conditions featuring Chevron

Learn from Chevron's experience with Adaptive Process Control and how it can deliver continuous benefts throughtout the entire controller lifecycle.

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ExxonMobil's Experiences Utilizing Adaptive Process Control to Deploy and Maintain APC Applications

Adaptive Process Control is changing the way major organizations like ExxonMobil build and maintain APC controllers. In this webinar, ExxonMobil experts will share the benefits they achieved by using Adaptive Process Control technology within Aspen DMC3 to deploy and maintain APC applications across their organization.

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回顾一下,专家展示了aspenONE先进过程控制(APC)V10的新功能如何在整个工作范围内保持模型准确。了解智能整定技术(Smart Tune)的新增功能如何带来更高的灵活性,以及Aspen DMC3 Builder™的改进如何进一步简化项目工作流程。

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Energy Optimization & Process Variability Reduction on an Ethylene Units Cold Section

Braskem, the largest petrochemical company in Latin America, has independently implemented several APC projects on ethylene units across their organization. Join Livia Tizzo, Process Control and Automation Engineer at Braskem, to see how Adaptive Process Control in Aspen DMC3 was used to improve their processes.

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On Demand Webinar: Beyond Digitalization-The Path to Increased Reliability and Automation in the Oil Field

Upstream organizations are increasingly leveraging data analytics, machine learning and other advanced modeling approaches to drive automation, productivity and a lower break-even price of production. However, leadership has struggled to understand where to make investments in data enablement. Join AspenTech’s Ron Beck, Industry Marketing Director and Anum Qassam, Senior Product Manager, to gain clear insight into how upstream companies can turn data into dollars.

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On-Demand Webinar: Improved Advanced Control Performance using DMC3™ Calibrate, featuring ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil has used Aspen DMC3 Calibrate on a wide variety of both refining and chemical units. In this presentation, ExxonMobil’s APC experts David Hokanson and Roger Hall reviewed successes and benefits of utilizing this innovative technology on a variety of processes, and its use for both new and revamp projects. They also included an overview of the number and breadth of the applications that have been completed to date.

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