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What’s New in aspenONE® V11 Petroleum Supply Chain

Learn how to boost profitability by closing the gap between planning and actual operations with the new release of aspenONE V11. Hear from our experts on new enhancements to Aspen PIMS-AO, Aspen Petroleum Scheduler, Aspen Refinery Multi-Blend Optimizer and the new Aspen GDOT. Streamline your workflow as you set more ambitious planning goals!

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Downstream Exhibition & Conference

AspenTech is proud to sponsor this year's Downstream Exhibition & Conference, and will be exhibiting in Booth B22.

On Demand Webinar

Non-Linear Modelling with PIMS-AO

Non-linear modelling is a key capability of PIMS-AO, enabling users to develop more accurate models in critical areas such as reactors and complex plant constraints. This feature is being used by a number of petrochemical companies and there are benefits for refining and aromatics. This webinar will showcase how this technology can be leveraged, including concrete examples for refining, aromatics and olefins companies.

On Demand Webinar

Uncover Hidden Value with Advanced Solution Analysis in Aspen PIMS-AO

While many companies are using PIMS-AO for its performance (parallel processing), solution quality (avoid local optima) and higher model accuracy (non-linear modelling), each one of the Advanced Solution features can deliver significant benefits – boosting your bottom line. Tap into even more benefits with PIMS-AO’s Advanced Solution Features. Join us and see real-world examples of common business processes such as feedstock selection and operational planning.

On Demand Webinar

Maximizing Profits in the Current Olefins Market

This webinar will discuss key business challenges and solutions in the context of market challenges, especially for the olefins manufacturing sector. With new world-scale crackers coming online, all cracker operators need to establish optimal operating envelopes, to position new and existing operations in a new competitive environment.

On Demand Webinar

Maximizing Profit with Multi-Period Refinery Blending

Today’s refineries are faced with various challenges when it comes to blending, while striving to maximize margins and meet market and regulatory requirements such as IMO 2020. During this presentation, you will learn how multi-period, non-linear blending helps refiners reduce quality giveaway and increase profitability.

On Demand Webinar

Unified Production Optimization: Improving Margins by Integrating Planning, Scheduling and APC

Unified Production Optimization, an end-to-end solution that bridges the gaps between the economic plan, tactical scheduling and advanced control, is a unique and proven way to capture millions of dollars in lost operating margins. Join AspenTech Vice President of Product Management Steve Williams and Sr. Director of Product Management Henrik Terndrup to learn about AspenTech solutions that are helping companies align planning targets to actual operations of units.

On Demand Webinar

Unified Production Optimization: A Planning and Scheduling Perspective

Register today to get an overview of how aspenONE Petroleum Supply Chain can help you get higher margins by optimizing operations. Discover how you can improve operations to create the most profitable production plan, mitigating risk of price, demand and supply fluctuations. This on-demand webinar will also showcase how to optimize product blends for more than just today, making the lowest cost blends to maximize margins.

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