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Learn from Borealis: Collinearity Repair – To Fix or Not To Fix?

In this webinar, Nicholas Alsop, will present concepts of collinearity with practical examples of when to and when not to repair near collinearity. Attendees will:

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APC Webinar: An Epic Journey from Flatline to Frontline

In this presentation, Dr. Prakash Karpe (retired from leading refiner Phillips 66) will share the fascinating story of how he revived the Advanced Process Control (APC) organization within a Fortune 500 energy company. Under his guidance, the APC organization delivered 4 times more benefits and became one of the most valued organizations within the company in just three years.

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See How Aspen Watch Performance Monitor Keeps You Up to Speed

Aspen Watch Performance Monitor provides real-time monitoring and diagnostic information to help engineers and operators focus on the problems that erode margins. During this on-demand webinar, Joep Bazelmans of SABIC-Europe will share his methods and suggestions for implementing custom KPIs, helping you keep an eye on performance.

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On-Demand Webinar: Drive Higher Productivity and Profitability through Prescriptive APM featuring LNS

According to LNS Research, companies that pursue asset performance management (APM) focused solely on reducing downtime are missing the opportunity to increase productivity and improve profitability. During this webinar, LNS Research Fellow Dan Miklovic will describe why sometimes the most reliable assets are not the most profitable assets.

On Demand Webinar

On-Demand Webinar: Connecting the Dots from Asset Performance Management to Profitability

How are today’s industry executives maximizing the reliability and value of their assets? With asset performance management powered by the industrial internet of things and machine learning, companies can leverage both equipment and process data to extend the life of their assets and achieve optimum reliability. In this on-demand webinar presented by ARC Advisory Group Vice President Ralph Rio and AspenTech Senior VP John Hague, you’ll learn how APM 2.0 is enabling companies to break down the wall between operations and maintenance and achieve a higher return on assets.

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Drive Organization and Control Improvements with Aspen Watch and Aspen IQ Performance KPIs

Advanced Process Control (APC) key performance indicators (KPIs) provide drive and feedback to continuously improve operations. Join APC expert, Ray Coker, to see how he uses Aspen Watch and Aspen IQ Performance KPIs at Marathon Petroleum Corporation to drive significant organization and control improvements.

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Increasing LNG Production and Gas Plant Yields by 2-5% with Advanced Process Control

LNG facilities are typically constrained by refrigeration capacity which is affected by many factors, predominantly ambient conditions. Due to the highly interactive nature of the liquefaction process and small feasible operating envelope, consistently maximizing production poses a challenge for LNG operators. Join Andrew Taylor, Principal Advanced Process Control (APC) Consultant at Greenfern Dynamics, for this on-demand webinar to learn about typical benefit areas and mechanisms associated with APC.

On Demand Webinar

TOTAL Mitigates Corrosion while Maximizing Benefits with Advanced Process Control

In this webinar, Sebastien Osta, APC Specialist at TOTAL, explains how TOTAL used AspenTech’s APC solution to control corrosion mechanism in real time using Aspen IQ and advanced process control, increase process equipment run-length, and bring benefits of $2M -$9M USD per year by reducing overhead CDU temperature.

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