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Realice análisis de costos relativos desde un simulador

Cuando se está en la fase de desarrollo del proceso el comprender las consecuencias económicas de las decisiones generalmente requiere que un ingeniero de proceso y un estimador pasen las hojas de datos y las condiciones de proceso de un lado a otro. Con Activated Economics puede obtener las aproximaciones económicas inmediatamente mientras construye la configuración de su proceso sin necesidad de cambiar entre distintos programas de software.

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On Demand Webinar: EPC Perspectives - New Revenue Streams From Operations and Maintenance

Paul Donnelly of AspenTech will share the results of a recent survey on how Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) firms are pursuing new sources of revenue from the operations and maintenance (O&M) phases of a project’s lifecycle.

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On-Demand Webinar - EPC Perspectives: Best Practices in Capital Project Estimating for the Process Industries Featuring WorleyParsons

In this webinar, Paul Donnelly, Industry Marketing Director of AspenTech will discuss how estimating best practices can be employed to turn estimating into a strategic competitive advantage. Paul will be joined by Russ Graeber, Senior Estimating Manager at WorleyParsons who will share his experience creating credible, high quality estimates with limited engineering data to win more FEED projects.

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Learn from an Expert: Estimating Best Practices to Improve Accuracy, Speed and Consistency

Delivering accurate and consistent estimates, on time, contributes to an Engineering and Construction firm’s profitability. Brett Perroux, Estimating Section Lead/Systems Estimator from Jacobs Engineering, will discuss best practices such as calibration that will improve your ability to make sharp and consistent estimates. Brett’s insights will help produce better quality estimates by recognizing risks earlier in the process, allowing for better decisions and producing more efficient workflows

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On Demand Webinar: Optimize Process Plant Design and Operations with Performance Engineering

To realize the maximum potential for optimization, process plant design must simultaneously address multiple factors. The most successful organizations bring together people from across the business to optimize design and operations. Cross-disciplinary teamwork that takes a big-picture, integrated approach to optimization delivers superior business results, including reduced CAPEX and OPEX, faster time to market, greater energy efficiency and higher profit margins.

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ACCE User Group Webinar: Product Update and Options for Data Input and Output

During this ACCE User Group webinar, Brett Perroux, Estimating Section Lead at Worley, will provide best practices for importing data to and exporting data from Aspen Capital Cost Estimator (ACCE). Naomi Enav, Sr. Product Manager at AspenTech, will provide an update on the ACCE product and its applications. Watch the on-demand webinar to learn more!

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Achieve a Competitive Advantage with Repeatable and Modular Engineering

Repeatable designs are used increasingly in the process industry to minimize capital costs and reduce project risk and uncertainty. Using the highly integrated aspenONE® Engineering suite, engineering teams can easily capture best practice designs, and rapidly reuse them on new projects.

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