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Achieving New Levels of Efficiency and Reliability Through Performance Management Systems

Peter Thuering shares his insight into how specialty chemicals companies are utilizing performance management systems to increase productivity and efficiency, including some of his recent experiences with customers in the industry.

Interview with an Expert

Improving Overall Equipment Effectiveness in Batch Operations

Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) has proved to be helpful for continuous processes, but can the same principles be applied to improve equipment effectiveness in batch operations? The short answer is, yes. With some refocused metrics, manufacturers that run batch processes can shorten cycle times and address their own high-value problems by correlating performance, downtime and quality to products and equipment. We spoke with Stuart Forrest, MES Business Consultant for AspenTech, to get the inside scoop on batch OEE and find out what kind of results manufacturers can expect by tracking it through an advanced MES solution.

Interview with an Expert

Alcance Nuevos Niveles de Eficiencia Y Confiabilidad A Través de Sistemas de Gestión de Desempeño

Peter Thuering comparte su percepción acerca de cómo las compañías productoras de Químicos de Especialidad están usando Sistemas de Gestión de Desempeño para incrementar productividad y eficiencia, incluyendo algunas de sus experiencias recientes con clientes de la industria.

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