Case Study

Reliance Industries Ltd Troubleshoots with Aspen Plus and Saves $2.4M USD per Year

Reliance, an Indian conglomerate, built an Aspen Plus model in-house for a distillation column revamp with Aspen Plus which resulted in increased production by $2.4M/year. Learn how they saved money by building the simulations themselves and coming up with a cost-effective solution.

Case Study

Experienced Engineering Services Provider Achieves Enhanced Productivity in Natural Gas Processing Plant Design

Read how experienced engineering service provider, Bilfinger, has been able to design entire gas processing projects, including new innovations such as acid gas cleaning and relief valve sizing, all within the comprehensive Aspen HYSYS engineering environment, faster and with optimal process selections.

Case Study

HGA Boosts Ability to Efficiently Complete Relief Sizing with aspenONE Engineering

The PSV sizing capabilities in Aspen HYSYS have helped HGA achieve approximately 50% time savings on the entire overpressure protection workflow.

Case Study

Compañía Española de Petróleos (CEPSA) Streamlines Scheduling Workflows With Integrated Refinery Scheduling and Blending

CEPSA was looking to improve their scheduling workflows and business processes at their La Rábida and Gibraltar-San Roque refineries. This case study details CEPSA's campaign to reach an integrated refinery scheduling and blending solution. Download the case study to discover CEPSA's journey and the benefits they uncovered.

Case Study

Fluor Achieves Significant Time Savings in SRU Simulation

Fluor uses Aspen HYSYS to evaluate different configurations of oxygen enrichment in the reactor model, with empirical correlations built in for more accurate modeling. AspenTech’s solution for SRU optimization allows users to increase production, reduce OPEX and meet emissions regulations by modeling the complexities of the SRU and the full gas plant.

Case Study

Saudi Aramco Increases Capacity by 100,000 barrels/day and Upgrades Bottom of the Barrel Products

Learn how Saudi Aramco converted low-value fuel oil produced in a semi-conversion refinery into high-value products.

Micro Case Study

Hyundai Oilbank Uncovers $36M USD/Year Using Aspen HYSYS®

Learn how Hyundai Oilbank optimized FCC operations using Aspen HYSYS, significantly improving the units planning accuracy.

Case Study

Control Column Performance Using Aspen HYSYS®

Learn how Tupras used the column analysis capability in Aspen HYSYS and its integration with Aspen Exchanger Design & Rating to significantly increase the column capacity and meet the required product specifications.

Case Study

Production Optimization of Natural Gas Pipelines & Field Production Facilities Using Performance Engineering

Learn how YPFB Andina was able to increase their gas production using an integrated model solution that was able to provide a $280M increase in revenue in 1 year.

Case Study

Optimización de la producción en transporte e instalaciones de producción de gas natural con una solución integral de ingeniería

Aprenda cómo YPFB Andina aumentó su producción de gas utilizando una solución de modelo integrado que proporcionó un aumento en las ganancias por $ 280 millones en 1 año.

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