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LG Chem Significantly Increases Plant Capacity and Reduces Energy Usage

LG Chem increases capacity by 15% and saves energy through heat integration using Aspen Plus®, Aspen Energy Analyzer, and Aspen Exchanger Design and Rating

Case Study

Process Ecology Saves up to $60K/Day by Reducing Emissions and Avoiding Shutdowns at Gas Dehydration Facilities

Learn how Process Ecology, a Calgary-based oil and gas consultancy that assists gas processing plants in the operation of their facilities, used Aspen HYSYS to model and provide operating strategies to minimize air emissions, optimize use of solvents and eliminate permit violations.

Case Study

Reliance Industries Ltd Troubleshoots with Aspen Plus and Saves $2.4M USD per Year

Reliance, an Indian conglomerate, built an Aspen Plus model in-house for a distillation column revamp with Aspen Plus which resulted in increased production by $2.4M/year. Learn how they saved money by building the simulations themselves and coming up with a cost-effective solution.

Case Study

European Refiner Tackles Heat Exchange Issues and Saves Millions in the Process

Learn how INEOS refinery saved $4 MM per year by implementing an automated fouling monitoring application utilizing Aspen HYSYS, Aspen EDR and MS Excel.

Case Study

Case Study: European Engineering Company Saves $400,000 USD on CAPEX Using aspenONE® Engineering

Discover how PETROLTERV saved significant CAPEX on a revamp project via greater design accuracy offered by the integrated aspenONE Engineering suite of products. In addition, after using the suite, PETROLTERV no longer has to outsource a large number of engineering projects, such as air cooler design, pressure safety valve sizing, etc. Completing more work in-house has enabled them to bring down their project costs, as well as deliver those projects on time and on budget.

Case Study

Petrofac Increases Capacity by 20% for Gas Plant Expansion

Learn how Petrofac achieves a gas production client's goal by increasing gas field production 20% while, as a bonus, reducing CAPEX 25%. The solution employed involved Aspen HYSYS with Activated EDR models to optimize heat exchanger selection and configuration.

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