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Aspen ProMV Brochure

Aspen ProMV helps you find the real underlying sources of variation in production processes. Learn how companies such as FMC Corporation and Mitsubishi Chemicals are using this software to stabilize quality, yield and productivity.


Aspen Mtell Brochure

Learn how Aspen Mtell uses machine learning to recognize precise patterns in operating data that indicate degradation and impending failure—well before it happens.


Aspen Plus New Feature Comparison Chart

Aspen Plus has been updated and improved with additional features over the last few years. From concurrent engineering to integrated solids modeling and batch modeling, experience the latest innovations in chemical process simulation. This checklist shows the addition of features and incremental improvements by version.


Aspen Plus Brochure: Process Simulation for Chemicals

Aspen Plus advances the performance of chemical processes using the best-in-class simulation software for bulk chemicals, specialty chemicals and pharmaceutical industries. This powerful modeling technology enables optimization of throughput, product quality and energy use in processes with batch, continuous, and mixed batch and continuous operations.


Aspen Schedule Explorer

Learn how Aspen Schedule Explorer’s collaborative environment is enabling flawless execution and building the plant of the future.

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