When Lightning Strikes Twice

After an electrical storm stopped gas production at one of its plants, SABIC executives and reliability engineers turned to Aspen Fidelis Reliability to calculate the probability of it—or a similarly debilitating event—happening again. Read this article from Plant Services to learn more.


Efficient Plant: Use Industry 4.0 To Elevate Sustainability

In this article, AspenTech's Paige Marie Morse delves into how digital-transformation technologies can help industrial organizations cut energy costs while reducing environmental impact. Download now to discover how AI and machine-learning technology combined can enable companies to predict asset malfunctions well in advance and have positive financial and sustainable results.


HP Article: When Digital Transformation Hits all Four Sustainability Buckets

Sustainability is emerging as a critical business topic, as companies focus resources toward lowering emissions, waste and energy use in their production process. In this article, Paige Morse, Chemicals Industry Marketing Director, shares how sustainability affects four key areas within a processing plant and how digital transformation supports sustainability efforts through efficiency improvements.

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