Aspen Chromatography

Simulate Chromatography While Improving Process Design.

Aspen Chromatography is a comprehensive flowsheet simulator for batch and continuous chromatographic separation processes, compatible with both Aspen Plus and Aspen Plus Dynamics.
Aspen Chromatography
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Identify optimal designs and improve profitability.

Aspen Chromatography allows engineers and scientists to model and understand the chromatographic separation and purification processes normally found in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, fine chemical, and food product businesses. Reduce recycle flowrates and improve extract and raffinate purities, resulting in higher chromatographic separation process yields and improved profitability—in less development time.

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Reduce costs with rigorous rate-based chromatography column models.

Choose from a wide range of kinetic models, including transport dispersive, equilibrium dispersive, lumped pore, and general rate model. Utilize standard equilibrium/isotherm models that allows pure component or multi-component/competitive behavior. Use a highly configurable energy balance to account for non-isothermal behavior, conduction, heat loss, and wall effects.


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Decrease scale-up time with packaged models.

With Aspen Chomatography, use flexible models to study other Simulated Moving Bed (SMB) variants such as Intermittent SMB, PowerFeed, ModiCon, and Thermal Gradient. Benefit from rigorous dynamic simulation that enables the analysis of time-dependent internal and product compositions and steady-state True Moving Bed (TMB) mode for rapid chromatographic separation process evaluation.

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Manage cycles and improve throughput.

Define any number of independently operated cycles, each containing several chromatographic separation process steps (e.g., production, purge, equalization, and repressurization). Control process steps by timer or by monitored events.

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Utilize the world’s largest database for physical properties.

Aspen Chromatography uses Aspen Properties, the world’s most comprehensive physical property database. Employ state-of-the-art activity coefficient models and equations of state, including extensive databases for a wide range of components for modeling chromatographic separations.

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Get started with sample models.

Aspen Chromatography includes over 50 examples, each with brief instructions that can serve as training or a starting point for your chromatographic separation process design.

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