Aspen Adsorption

Select Optimal Adsorbents and Design Better Adsorption Cycles Faster.

Aspen Adsorption is a comprehensive flowsheet simulator for the optimal design, simulation, optimization, and analysis of industrial gas and liquid adsorption processes.
Aspen Adsorption
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Identify optimal designs and improve profitability.


Aspen Adsorption enables process simulation and optimization for a wide range of industrial gas and liquid adsorption processes including reactive adsorption, ion exchange, and cyclic processes. Complete pressure-swing adsorption modeling, temperature-swing adsorption modeling, and vacuum-swing adsorption modeling with Aspen Adsorption. Select optimal adsorbents, design better adsorption cycles, and improve general plant operations. Utilize parameter estimation to fit models against experimental and plant data.


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Improve process understanding with rigorous rate-based adsorbent bed models.

Choose from various geometries including axial column, horizontal beds, and radial beds to complete process simulation tasks such as swing adsorption modeling. Include axial dispersion and a wide range of kinetic models including lumped resistance, micro/macro-pore, and general rate. Simulate a wide range of standard equilibrium models that allow for with pure or multi-component competitive behavior. Use a highly configurable energy balance to account for non-isothermal behavior, conduction, heat loss, and wall effects.

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Manage cycles and increase capacity.

Use steady-state estimation and optimization techniques for rapid design and optimization of cycles with cyclic modeling. Define any number of independently operated cycles, containing numerous process steps (e.g., production, purge, equalization, and repressurization). Control process steps by timer or by monitored events.


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Utilize the world’s largest database for physical properties.

Aspen Adsorption includes Aspen Properties, the world’s most comprehensive physical property database. Employ state-of-the-art activity coefficient models and equations of state including extensive databases of a wide range of components while completing tasks such as swing adsorption modeling.


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Get started with sample models.

Aspen Adsorption has 36+ examples stored in the program files of the products. Each example comes with brief instructions and can serve as training or a starting point for modeling with Aspen Adsorption including swing adsorption modeling.

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Increase yield and production rate.

Aspen Tech’s customers have reported significant benefits from process optimization using Aspen Adsorption. Customers have increased yield by up to 25% utilizing swing adsorption modeling and doubled throughput in existing plants.


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