Basic Chemicals

Turn productivity into profitability with AspenTech solutions designed for large and complex assets.

Leveraging proven, technology-inspired best practices to:
  • Improve asset reliability and integrity
  • Reduce operating costs and maximize capacity utilization
  • Optimize CAPEX for operational capability and performance

Maximize Asset Utilization

Reduce plant downtime by predicting and preventing problems and arming operations teams with in-depth knowledge to optimize processes.

Achieve Cost Competitiveness Through the Cycle

Drive optimal feedstock selection and lower energy consumption while maximizing yields and reliability with comprehensive manufacturing, engineering and asset performance management solutions.

Drive CAPEX Efficiency

Maximize return on capital employed over the asset lifecycle by optimizing trade-offs between capital investment, cost structure, reliability and operational flexibility.
Basic Chemicals
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Next Generation of Advanced Process Control Delivers Benefits for Ethylene Manufacturer

Next Generation of APC Delivers Benefits for Ethylene Manufacturer

Learn how Qenos, an Austrailian ethylene manufacturer, used Aspen DMC3 to revamp a demethaniser controller with very limited resources and achieved a 5-10% increase in cold end throughput, a 40% reduc...

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Keep your plants running through predictive analytics

Discover how to predict upsets early and receive guidance on how to manage the upsets, saving billions by avoiding plant downtime and off-spec. production.

LG Chem Significantly Increases Plant Capacity and Reduces Energy Usage

LG Chem Significantly Increases Plant Capacity and Reduces Energy Usage

LG Chem increases capacity by 15% and saves energy through heat integration using Aspen Plus®, Aspen Energy Analyzer, and Aspen Exchanger Design and Rating

Case Study

Manufacturing Cost Competitiveness in Commodity Chemicals: Five Essential Principles for Emerging Market Producers

All chemical facilities have opportunities to reduce manufacturing costs, including newer, state-of-the art plants, older plants and those in between. Leading global producers have demonstrated reduce...

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