Aspen RMS™

A comprehensive geoscience and reservoir engineering collaboration platform, offering geophysicists, geologists and reservoir engineers a shared space to compile, visualize and manage a wide range of subsurface data for fields of any size and complexity.

Smart, Interactive Reservoir Modeling for Superior Results in Less Time

Accelerated Field Development

Accelerates field development through stronger collaboration and a deeper analysis of the model.

Faster and Better Decisions

Quantify geological risk across the entire value chain.

Higher ROI

Reliable and accurate reservoir models increase return on your investment in the reservoir.

Connect to OSDU through the Reservoir DDMS

Enables connectivity with the OSDU® Data Platform to access, support and collaborate with multi-disciplinary integrated reservoir workflow data.

Aspen RMS 3D modeling software enables users to integrate information coming from multiple sources, perform interpretations and build reservoir models for which uncertainties on both data and interpretations can be captured and propagated across the workflow. RMS provides an interdisciplinary perspective to manage and optimize the reservoir’s potential, with the ability to leverage the seismic data and accommodate complex geologies. The result is faster, more robust and more reliable production models.


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