Aspen Unified Reconciliation and Accounting™ (AURA)

Reduce material losses and increase margins with fast, efficient mass and volume balance.

Empower Key Stakeholders to Make Better Decisions Based on Validated and Reconciled Production Data

Streamline Deployment and Maintenance

The scalable Aspen Unified™ architecture lowers the total cost of ownership with fast cloud deployment options and easy model implementation and maintenance.

Close the Balance Quickly and Accurately

Complete tasks effortlessly with an intuitive UI, automatically resolve instrumentation/density errors with the proprietary Smart Solver, easily interpret results with advanced visualization and powerful dynamic reports.

Achieve Emissions Reduction Targets

Enhance decision-making and financial performance by automating tracking, monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions and product carbon intensity.

Close the Gap Between Plan and Actual Operations

Compare and report production plan and reconciled actuals in seconds to improve planning models accuracy and enhanced decision making.

"Aspen Unified Reconciliation and Accounting (AURA) will allow for the seamless building of new models and easy identification of mass/volumetric balance anomalies. AURA will also allow our organisation to quickly transition from Excel sheets and other applications."

— Dameon Miller, Head of Automation, ORYX GTL



Aspen Unified PIMS

Aspen Unified PIMS™

Improve responsiveness and agility with the most trusted production planning software.

Aspen Unified Scheduling

Aspen Unified Scheduling™

Next-generation scheduling solution with streamlined and automated workflows to increase margins and save time.

Aspen GDOT

Aspen GDOT™


Aspen DMC3

Aspen DMC3™

Closed-Loopでの最適制御運転とプラントテストを同時に実行が可能なAdaptive Technology(特許所得済み)により高度制御導入にかかる時間の短縮化とメンテナンス作業の簡易化を実現

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