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Case Study: How Braskem Idesa Increased Reactor Uptime by Over 20% Using Existing Data and Resource

How Braskem Idesa Increased Reactor Uptime by Over 20% Using Existing Data and Resources

In this case study, learn how Braskem Idesa used Aspen ProMV™ to proactively identify and correct for conditions that historically led to high reactor fouling.

Case Study
Webinar: How Petrocuyo Projects to Reduce Downstream Treatment Costs by 60%

How Petrocuyo Projects a 60% Reduction in Downstream Treatment Costs

Reprocessing off-spec product is a common, yet costly practice for companies as it uses up materials and increases production time. With first-time, on-spec quality at an unacceptably low level, Petro...

On Demand Webinar

30 Catches in 30 Days

Every day, AspenTech’s APM solutions help leading industrial companies “catch” potential equipment failures well in advance—giving valuable time back to production and increasing safety. In this inter...

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ProMV Case Study

Multivariate Statistical Analysis Finds Cause of Quench Oil High-Viscosity Issue

One of the world's largest chemical, plastic and refining companies used Aspen ProMV to understand and resolve production problems caused by an ongoing quench oil high-viscosity issue. In this case st...

Case Study
Process Manufacturing with Aspen ProMV®

Aspen ProMVを使ったプロセス製造

Aspen ProMV provides insight into all the variability issues that plague process manufacturing, and guidance for process engineers, control engineers, and operators to make appropriate process adjustm...

Aspen ProMV

Aspen ProMV Brochure

Aspen ProMV helps you find the real underlying sources of variation in production processes. Learn how companies such as FMC Corporation and Mitsubishi Chemicals are using this software to stabilize q...


Finding the Right Digitalization Approach for Food and Beverage Manufacturers

For food & beverage producers technological innovation and digitalization are key to improved product quality, meeting food safety requirements and reducing unplanned downtime.