Aspen EarthStudy 360™

A full-azimuth angle domain imaging and analysis system designed to image, characterize, visualize and interpret the total seismic wavefield in all directions, providing a highly accurate and detailed description of the subsurface.

A New World of Information for Geoscientists

Maximize Information from Seismic Data

Extract unprecedented value from all modern and legacy seismic data acquisitions in both marine and land environments.

A Unique Patented Technology

Previously unattainable levels of subsurface knowledge help geoscientists locate reservoirs and optimize development.

Reduce Drilling Uncertainty and Risk

Higher outcome certainty through better seismic images and subsurface velocity models reduces the risk of expensive drilling in challenging environments.

Add Investment Value

Information from all angles and directions enables geoscientists to make a comprehensive analysis of the subsurface and deliver economic recommendations to management.

Aspen EarthStudy 360 is an innovative system designed to deliver to both depth imaging experts and interpretation specialists a complete set of data that enables them to obtain accurate subsurface velocity models, structural attributes, medium properties and reservoir characteristics. The system delivers highly accurate images from below complex structures, such as shallow low-velocity anomalies like gas pockets, subsalt, sub-basalt and high-velocity carbonate rocks, resulting in optimal solutions for anisotropic tomography as well as fracture detection and reservoir characterization.


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