Aspen Epos

An innovative, scalable data management infrastructure that enhances collaboration, security and efficiency.

Extending the Reach of the Geoscientist

Simple and Scalable

The advanced, architecturally light data management infrastructure is scalable to multiple users and projects.

Secure and Customizable

A centralized repository meets the highest security standards and can be customized based on role-defined permissions.

Integrated and Collaborative

Real-time data workflows and shared access enable seismic, petrophysics and geologic modeling teams to collaborate on projects and interact in a common visualization environment.

High Interoperability

Import/export tools with a wide choice of data formats allow data exchange with the OSDU open platform, and with third-party repositories.
Aspen Geolog Connector to OSDU Helps TotalEnergies Accelerate Decision-Making and Project Delivery

One of the key challenges in accelerating decision-making and reducing project development cycles is sharing the same updated data with all relevant stakeholders.

AspenTech SSE built an Aspen Geolog™-OSDU Connector in close collaboration with TotalEnergies to reduce their internal silos, improve collaboration and seamlessly exchange well data. Learn how this rich, innovative experience resulted in a fit-for-purpose solution with major benefits for flexibility, data analysis and project delivery.


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